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Hey all... I just patterned my M2 and found that I hit high when pulling up and firing as though I was taking a flushed bird. In order to get a good 60/40 pattern I have to really get down on the stock with my cheek. Oe'r the years I've been through a 12ga 870 WM and a 12ga 1100 and never had to get so tight that it smacked my cheekbone. When I shoot I typically bead directly on the bird (or it's lead), so would you recommend that I shim my gun to drop the POI, or not change the gun set-up and start beading just below the bird (seeing the whole target) similar to what's done by trapshooters? It's obviously a matter of preference, but I'm interested to see what the senior members think... Thank's for your advice.

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Totally personal preference, as you said.


If your shooting style is such that you prefer covering the bird with the bead, and you have success shooting the gun this way, by all means, do it.


If you do this, you'll have to put in a shim that lowers the comb.


Good luck.

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My understanding is only the 20 guage can be shimmed, to shim a 12Ga ya basically can only change stock to do this per manual? I would change POA or buy the different stock which i have reservations on them changing the POA! Try a different front sight might change you POA depending on you and how you sight the target? ya might give Benelli a call and see what they think would be the best way to get on target?

numrich shows 2 shims for M2 Field but i bet they are for the 20Ga?

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