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  1. The hardest part I had in mounting my scope was getting the little plastic plugs out of the scope base mounting holes on the receiver. The best way to get them out is with a phillips screwdriver. I don't know the sizes, but it is the one you would use on little electronics screws (just smaller than the diameter of the receiver hole). Center the screwdriver head in the plug and tap the screwdriver handle with a small hammer until it sinks into the plug far enough to be able to unscrew it. You should be able to simply unscrew the plugs (counter-clockwise). Don't use a crappy screwdriver or one that is too big! Use firm & steady pressure while backing them out. The base you need is a Weaver 93A. You should also have it boresighted since the sabots you'll be using are pretty expensive, and you don't want to go through too many just getting your gun zero'd in. If you feel uncomfortable at all about doing any of this yourself then I recommend taking it into the local gun shop to have it mounted and boresighted. You might have to play with the eye relief a little bit depending on what type of optics you use, but if it's a slug scope or smaller variable power scope you should have no problems. I'll be hunting Pheasant's and Grouse up until deer season and then again afterwards. I put marks on my scope base to line it up the next time it's mounted. I've had no problems with my M2 and I absolutely love it! Good luck!!!
  2. Welcome to the land of 10,000 taxes... You should be able to find some friend's there in the South Metro that could point you in the right direction. I'm not big on MN duck's & geese since the flyway has seemed to slide farther West over the years, but the prairie pothole region still holds local birds and will take in the fly-by's when the weather is right. If it's not, then take to the upland and shoot some rooster's . If it's too late for you to hook up with someone this year, let me know and I can put you in touch with an awesome guide for Southeast, ND waterfowl, and SD Pheasant (and some Kick-A** fishing).
  3. Welcome to the land of 10,000 taxes... You should be able to find some friend's there in the South Metro that could point you in the right direction. I'm not big on MN duck's & geese since the flyway has seemed to slide farther West over the years, but the prairie pothole region still holds local birds and will take in the fly-by's when the weather is right. If it's not, then take to the upland and shoot some rooster's . If it's too late for you to hook up with someone this year, let me know and I can put you in touch with an awesome guide for Southeast, ND waterfowl, and SD Pheasant (and some Kick-A** fishing).
  4. Good for you benelli boy!!! What do you have on top of that M2 for optics??? I might have to sneak a purchase of some of them Partition Gold's under the radar (the Mrs.). Pathetic huh?
  5. I shoot Remington 2-3/4" Core-Lokt Ultra's through my M2 Slug Gun & with 2x7 Nikon (3.5"gp @ 100yd) The new Remington Core-Lokt Tipped Sabot grouped just slightly better (3" group), so I stuck with the non-tipped slug because it carriers considerably more energy than this one. I've been wanting to try the Winchester Partition Gold's and the Hornady SST's, but I like to stick with what has worked for me, and am flat broke for a while after buying all my ammo, MN licenses, and stamps & booking my SD Pheasant trips. If you try these out, please let me know how they shoot through your M2.
  6. Hey Duggan, Looks like you must have faked a sick day and stayed home from school today so you could continue to spew on this thread. I can just see you sitting there at your computer in your tightey whitey's munchin on your second bowl of Lucky Charm's. Look back and see who started getting personal first. I wish I knew how to start a poll in a thread to see how many people would vote for you to go away. I'm sure I've wasted other peoples time in responding to you, and to them I am sorry, but at this point I'm finding it pretty damn fun and am not sorry to let you know that I don't let little people like you live rent free in my head. So whatever you were saying about your burning for e-skin is way too much info for me. You should join a STD forum for help with that . I'm hoping that I can end this now by explaining my use of a sabot in a smoothbore. If you think I am the first person to try this you're 100% wrong (after all you said you tried it yourself, remember???). But before I go there I need to try and clear up what I was talking about when it came to hunting... If you assumed I was bragging about taking an animal with one shot, it proves your ignorance of what hunting means to people that you can't seem to understand. Most hunters including myself take pride in their desire to take an animal cleanly with as few shots as possible (humanity & meat conservation). I do not consider myself a pro but since I've been hunting & shooting for almost twice as long as you've been alive, I think I have some experience to offer the thread originator. If you do things differently in NY then I'm glad your there, and I'm not! I own a 20 Gauge Remington 1100 (passed on from my little Sis, to my Son, and now my Daughter). Aside from the bird barrel, we have a smoothbore iron-sight slug barrel that is used for our zoned slug-only deer season. With the advent of the improved slugs (both rifled & sabot) I decided to experiment and found through bench shooting that a Remington Copper Solid Sabot produced a comparable group @50 yds to the rifled Remington HV Slugger's. We hunt on my property and the deer stand locations for my children are bordered by a heavily wooded Oak ridge transitioning into a Tamarack slough. A 50yd shot is the max they would would have. If you check out the ballistics for these two slugs you will see that the 1/2oz HV Rifled lead slug carries 848ft-lbs of force at 50yds with the 5/8oz Copper Solid giving 1187ft-lbs. Now that's 339 more ft-lbs of force (40% more!) imparted on the animal using the sabot. So as I was trying to say earlier, that don't mean squat when your shooting paper, but when you're shooting hide, flesh, and bone it sure does!!! I figured it's well worth the extra price for a box of 5 slugs. It was no surprise that at >50yds the sabots scatter quickly. So my conclusion (based on the physical evidence) is that at 50yds or less the copper slug was not tumbling yet, so there wasn't any appreciable innacuracy but a big advantage in energy. So do you get it now that no rifling of THIS sabot through THIS smoothbore at THIS distance is a non factor in it's accuracy. Now back to the original post... Niko was looking to find a slug for deer hunting that shoot's well at 50yds or less. For me to suggest a sabot (albeit not really knowing how it would perform in his particular gun) was not stupid or out of line, and in fact offers the possibility of a distinct advantage for taking down a thick bodied trophy! And in fact, the energy advantage in the 12ga slugs could prove even greater than the 40% we got in the 20ga. But who knows until you try. Thus the suggestion. I see you have a lot of experience in shooting your M4 and I don't remember trying to argue that, it is when you start to attempt to relate to hunting (or worse yet argue about why you hate deer so much) that I got p'ed off. Someone doesn't work so hard to argue their point like you did without having some issues. Chill out and remember we're on the same side when it comes to the love of gun's. I choose to push the Core-Lokt Ultra's through my M2 slug gun, and I've found that Federal Barne's Expanders group best in the 870WM my Son now shoots.
  7. There is some good info on the thread by TW Houston "Rifled Choke Tube". Maybe you can find out how things turned out for him with is SN???
  8. I bought the M2 Slug Gun in APG HD at a retail store that starts with "C" and ends with "S" for $1,230 last fall. Then I bought the 26" bird barrel for $500 (including shipping) through a phone order only company given me by an authorized dealer recommended by Benelli customer service. The bird barrel fits up just fine (no new fore end stock needed). I'll be hitting the uplands of MN & SD soon for Pheasant and Grouse . The only thing I've bought since was a handful of the little plastic plugs for the optics mount holes on the receiver ($3 from our local gunsmith).
  9. Sorry to stray again Niko... (I just couldn't help myself). Thanks for the PM. Good points Novaking. I remember experimenting with my 870 WM trying to find the best slug combo. First in the smoothbore and then the rifled barrel (OUCH). I saw some positive comments on Foster slugs while searching the web. I've never used a rifled choke and the reviews seemed mixed, but who knows? If your shooting well like Novaking suggested and still don't group well you might want to try one. Also don't be afraid to ask the guy's from the sportsman's club what has worked for them. You can usually find them up at the local VFW or Legion Post after they shoot. There is a lot of wisdom in the "old-timers". Just be sure to ask before they have too many cocktails.
  10. So much for keeping it short... Let me show you how that works... Step 1: STFU = shut the **** up. Step 2: Log off the computer. Step 3: Go downstairs and tell your Mom you don't think your med's are working for you anymore.
  11. I've never seen this stuff (where do you get it)...
  12. M2Slugger


    WOW... What an arsenal. I want you on my side!
  13. Good luck Niko... I'm sorry if I got some controversy going on your thread, but it appears that there will always be someone out there that thinks that they're an expert based on how many posts they have put up, or how many rounds they put through their gun. I like shooting and I LOVE hunting. Duggan, you say you don't hunt. Then don't try to offer any advice on hunting. Are you not the same person that ripped the originator of this post (on another thread) about how he should go out and spend 5x as much on his optics. Now you are telling us hunters that it's laughable to spend $15 on a box of sabot's, just one of which could down a trophy whitetail. If you payed any attention to the content of Niko's posts you would know that he is a SLUG HUNTER that is looking to get a tighter group @50 yards. I'm assuming that he's probably spent what he could on his gun and upgrades, and being it is less than 1-1/2 months from opening deer season in MN, he is trying to seek positive advice from other hunters rather than scrambling to find a rifled barrel or buy another gun. MOST hunters and shooters know that each gun shoots differently, so the way your M4 shoots sabot's means absolutely nothing to me, or to someone shooting a smoothbore Supernova (and by the way... don't you know that your supposed to shoot rifled slugs through a smoothbore?). Ok big shooter, time for school... Did you bother to think that the sabot's you test shot at the range (that had a comparable group to the rifled slugs) are a different projectile that could impart more penetration, expansion, and velocity to the vitals of a big game critter? So there you go... a hole in a target don't mean squat unless your shooting targets. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you don't know the difference between quanity & quality. Success for me in the field is shooting once (quality) and bagging an animal (quality), Shooting a thousand rounds (quanity) at a range is not my thing and may provide you with quality entertainment (if not a sore shoulder and empty wallet). It's not my thing though so go knock yourself out. Don't bother responding please, I don't care to spoil this hunting thread with our exchanges.
  14. Wow... Quality AND Quanity I know a guy that bought two gallon's once JK Seriously though CLP is good stuff... I used it in the Army and now. We used to put thousands of blank rounds through our M-16's in basic trng. with blank adapters stuffed in the muzzle. CLP cut through the caked on carbon with ease.
  15. Keep trying Niko... You sound like a good ethical hunter that wants to make a clean kill. I would find out the answer to the choke question, and then keep trying different slugs. The smoothbore slug barrel I have on my daughters 1100 Rem 20ga shoots copper solid sabots better than any rifled slug (out to about 60yds). In response to Duggan: Have you ever tried shooting sabots through a smoothbore??? Based on your post history it sounds like your shooting experience is more about quantity of shots fired rather than quality. Why reply to a post if you don't have anything good to offer (I assume you we're not just kidding when you were ripping on Niko's equipment and my suggestion).
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