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1957 Franchi 3" Magnum Semiauto


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Newbie first post.


Recently found the site and I have learned a ton about my old gun. So thanks already. I have learned that the used Franchi my dad bought me as a kid in the early 1980's, is actually a 1957. I shot this gun for years and all sorts of small game ended up on the table. I even dropped a deer in its tracks with this old gun. I have not shot the gun or hunted in about 25 years. I now know a liitle bit about it and want to know more.


Some top marks include: S.A. Luigi, Franchi Brescia, made in Italy, Magnum Supercromato 3" , 1 m/m, 761


under the barrel: Acciaio Cogne (or Bogne), KMO, a star, FINITO, XXIII, the little Franchi dude,and some really small stamps I can not make out. I found an old catalog add for sale on eBay and learned it weighs about 5 lb. 2oz, has a chrome lined barrel,"automatic cut off", and an Italian walnut stock. It sold for about $160 (in '57).


Anyone know anything about this weapon.? Who was Luigi?


I want to clean this bad boy up and take 'er out. Any good cleanig tip and Ammo suggestions?


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Had to be a variation of the Aristocrat. that's all they made during that time frame! How could it be sold for 165.00 in 1957?



I say Aristocrat Magnum? how long is barrel?

My suggestions on shooting it would be to take it to a Gunsmith for a cheap opinion before i shot it! It's getting dated like a few others on this forum!

http://shop.vendio.com/ggardenour/item/949639397/?s=1221129276 does this look anything like yours?

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I can not post the link ifo to eBay, but the add store has allsorts of cool adds for various old guns. I saw the catalog add for the '57 model that was cloest to mine. I did not see Aristocraat Magnum any where on the gun (or in said adds). But I would like to hear more details. I do see a Model # "761".


BTW the gun is 20 ga. with a 27 1/2 " barrel. The serial # on the bottom of the barrel does not match the number on the bottom of the receiver. The birth date is XXIII. I have a local gun shop and I'm sure those guys might suggest a good smith.


Any suggestion on an appropriate shell to fire? I remember high brass was needed to prevent jams. It has been decades since I baught a box of shells. Thanks for all feedback.

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