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semi-auto vs o/u


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I primarily shot an O/U. I like the feel of them. I do shoot an auto once in a while and once I save up enough money plan on purchasing the Benelli Supersport to shot clays with.


If you are new to clays and not sure if you are going to be committed to the sport I would recommend getting an auto first. Mainly because you can generally get them cheaper.

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I own both and they each have different good points. The O/U gives you opportunity of using 2 chokes, which may be necessary on some targets. But you can get the same result be using different size shot for each target shot with an automatic and 1 choke at a time. As Irish said, you generally can buy a automatic for less money than a O/U. Auto's take less energy and space to operate and this may be nice in the confines of small area (like a duck boat). No problem dealing with the empty hulls as they are extracted automatically, but hard to save for reloading. Big recoil difference which can affect endurance in the long run. Bottom line is, try both if possible and pick which is best for your situation. Hope this helps.---GB

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Thank You to all that replied.Unfortunately where I live there aren't alot of people that shoot,in fact I only have one friend that does.Therefore I don't have the ability so shoot a variety.I figure that I will go with the SuperSport /28" bbl.


Thanks Again

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