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Unloading My Montefeltro

Joel zimmerman

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I was learning how to load/unload my shotgun. I know how to load it, I know how to eject a shell in the chamber and load a new one. However, I can't seem to unload my gun via the "cartridge retaining lever". I'm going to assume that lever is the little tab holding the shell in. I can't seem to push it in, is this normal? I'd assume this will be easier once the gun is "broken" in.


Thanks for the help


- Joel

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Are you trying to push the cartridge retaining lever, with the bolt already pulled back and the chamber open?


The bolt has to be all the way forward with the chamber closed in order for the cartridge retaining lever to work and release another shell onto the shell carrier.


Therefore to unload the gun you will need to 1st push the cartridge retaining lever to release the next shell onto the shell carrier. 2nd pull the bolt all the way back. This will pull the shell that was in the chamber out and eject it. As you release the bolt and let it return forward the shell that was released when you did the first step will now be loaded into the chamber. Now repeat steps 1 and 2 until all shells have cycled through.

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