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GG&G Bolt Handles


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I've looked online and seen where the GG&G Bolt Handles are made for the M4, but the model number (1031) is the same for the M1 as well. Will this fit both guns? I thought I read where the M1 and M4 could not inter-change bolt handles.


I see Brownells has different model numbers for the Bolt Handle they offer.




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Kind of.


I don't have an m1, and thus have never tried putting my GG&G bolt handle in an m1, but it would make sense that it would work.


The GG&G handle is smooth at the base lock in part of it, while the stock handle is triangular. This means the GG&G handle spins freely when inserted into the bolt, while the stock one does not. This leads me to believe that the handle is not designed for the M4, but it will fit in it all the same, just not as an anti rotational handle like the stock one.


Furthermore, I'd advise against the GG&G handle. It is made of soft metal, not nearly hard enough to stand up to any type of punishment. I dropped my m4 off a table once and it landed handle side down and it bent the handle at like a 135 degree angle. Unless they've changed the metal they make their handles from, which I don't think they have, I wouldn't recommend the GG&G handle.


A much better option is the Progressive Machine & Tool titanium, non rotational handle, found here. Highly recommended if you're looking for a replacement handle.




It's tough as heck in my testing thus far, is diamondblack coated, and doesn't spin.


Here's a comparison of the progressive, stock, and GG&G (you can see it's still bent).




You can see the flat, triangular section of the stock handle and the PMT one, while the GG&G is round. The more I think about it, the more I realize it probably wasn't made for the m4 ... it also doesn't have the stepping on the thin part of the handle that the stock and the PMT ones have.


Hope this helps.

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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I recently purchased an M1S90 and I'd like to jazz it up some. I thought I'd start with the charging handle.


From what I gather here, the GGG is not that good. But does it suck, or is it just OK? Or, anyone here totally happy with it?


I see that Nordic has one. It looks like it locks into place nicely with the oval insert. GGG doesn't appear to have that. How is the Nordic with the M1?


And any other M1 tips would be great. I've dug deep with the search function and it seems that there is a void of M1 information.

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