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  1. any info on the crio turkey choke that benelli has come out with for 2005 the black one? will ya be able tu shoot hevi-shot thru it?
  2. this is the people that do benellis crio work! www.300below.com ck em out ! the will do any firearm ya got, and any choke tube ya got for a reasonable price if ya buy the crio dip theory!
  3. ck out FAQ at the benelli homepage!
  4. Ya can get the crio chokes from benelli ob their webpage!! Finally or just call Briley Manufacturing at 18003315718 Turkey tube only 45 bucks and it is the same as benelli OEM !!
  5. ESSO


    Benelli website has some new tubes out !!
  6. i will be hunting in NM and CO and ya gotta good chance of a long shot but just curious how far is too long? will find out this weekend after i get my Bass Tracker ready for Spring fishing trip to Elephant Butte!
  7. Have a stupid question on the dual sights on my SBE II, was told at my local skeet range to stack the 2 sights front on top and small middle one on bottom which seems to work , just curious if anyone has input on this?
  8. Just picked up a Briley .675 Crio treated tube for my SBE II at Briley Manufacturing and have not patterned it yet for turkey but i took out a bank loan cause it's a hevi-shot tube. bout 3 1/2 " #2 Nitro MAG High Velocity WaterFowl Load to see what it looks like past 50Yds and also bought a box of 3 1/2 " 1 3/4 Oz. #4's High Velocity Mag Turkey Loads will try these also at 50 + Yds i think tyhe waterfowl loads gonna patern better than the turkey load? Old Arkansas duck hunter? Thank god i got rid of my old remington shotgun and got a mule kicker!! hehe!! Benelli has the new OEM Crio Turkey tub
  9. Briley makes a Turkey choke but ya gotta call them and special order the for the Crio SBE II! If ya wanta get your existing tubes Crio dipped to include Barrells,Actions, & Tubes go to 300below.com or call 1-800-276-2550 they will send a price sheet to ya that explains what needs to be done to do your Rifle, Shotguns & Tubes
  10. Best pattern i have come up with is with the Winchester 3 1/2 #5 Turkey 2 oz loads the Knight and Hale Vendor also claimed that they patterened the best also? Just finished breaking in my SBE 2 and since ya gotta treat hevi shot like ya treat steel and use the modified chokes i think i will stay with the Winchester Lead # 5's and the full choke! at 26 bucks a pop its hard to figure that they could be wice as good as the lead!! asked Benelli tech when or if they were coming out with a turkey choke for the SBE2 and he said he knew nothing about it! Ya can get a 2 or 4 shot magazine extender fo
  11. I picked up my New SBE 11 on the 9th of April and was really wanting to get an extended crio Turkey Choke that handles Remington Heavy Shot so i emailed Benelli to see what they had to say about this issue? The gunshop owner said i did not need anythingbut the full crio choke that comes with it but could not say if the hevi shot could be used with the full crio choke that comes with the shotgun! i tried a box of #4 Winchester Supreme 3 1/2 Mag 2 oz shot at 50 yds on a 100 yd rifle target and it was most definetly time to smoke a turkey! tried at 100 yds but only a dozen pellets hit the target
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