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  1. I have all three tubes for my SBE II and have been happy with the performance. I use the long range extended pattern master designed for 3.5 inch shells for Geese and I use the midrange tube for all duck shooting. I found the short range to give too open of a pattern with the 3.5 shells. I use 3.5 Steel 2's for ducks and like to put as much steel into the bird as I can, therefore tighter chokes. I need to pattern the Pattern Masters vs the Factory Mod and see what I get. [ 03-20-2006, 12:59 AM: Message edited by: rotaxbruce ]
  2. I use Pro Ears all of the time even hunting. You can hear normal and still have protection. Allows you to hear the call better (rather than blowing too loud when you have ear plugs in), you can hear your partner and have normal conversation. I bought mine from Cabelas.
  3. Check with the Airline by calling or see if they have info on the web
  4. call Cabelas and see if they will match it, you would be out the shipping back
  5. Walmart has them for only $38 right now vs Mack's has them for $49.99!
  6. Search here http://www.mynssa.com/net/club_search.aspx
  7. Got mine from Allsport in two days. The SBE I limbsaver pad can be used with the adptor on your SBE II, but you will have to drill and tap a new hole. I am not sure wich pad the srew hole placing is set up for. The good news is you do not have to get a grind to fit pad.
  8. Also bug repellant attacks the camo finish too
  9. Ira is very nice! They are only $15 each so I am ordering one for myself and brother-in-law. Thank you for your help and suggestion! [ 04-25-2005, 07:59 PM: Message edited by: rotaxbruce ]
  10. Is anyone making a conversion kit for the comfortech stocks to allow the installation of a traditional aftermanet pad like a Limbsaver?
  11. I agree, The SBE II does not come with one so I do not think the M2 would.
  12. Benelli has solved the need for a higher POI for Trap on the guns with the gel on the comb. You can order a raised comb that can be switched with the standard comb. It is on the web site http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/accessories.tpl
  13. Thank you Montefeltro , make sure the engineers reply is in English My Italian is rusty
  14. My SBE II safety is very stiff as well, maybe we can get a new spring installed when Benelli corrects the problem? The safety on my origional SBE is great
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