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  1. I have a Nova,I use a H.S Strut Undertaker choke.The constriction is .665. I use Hevi Shot 31/2 #6 11/2 oz load. I shot it yesterday at life size turkey head target.At 40 yards I put 31 pellets in the head and neck. There is probably something better out there,but I am goingto stick with this. Hope this helps.
  2. What if the birds learn to read?
  3. There was an 8 year that did a WORLD SLAM shooting a 20ga,either last year or 2003. I killed my very first turkey with a 20ga using 3 inch 1 15/16 ounce made winchester I think. The Hevi shot and a good choke would probably be your best bet. Trial and error,Trial and error.
  4. I own a Nova 12ga. I use Hevi Shot 31/2 #6 and a H.S choke tube and it performs very well.There are alot of chokes out there like Pure Gold, Rhino, Briley it just takes trial and error. It depends on what you want to use.
  5. I had the very same problem with my Nova. I was having a problem with dove's. I changed brands and it helped alot. I also noticed that I was not pulling my cheek all the way down on the stock,which made me shoot low. Don't let a tom step out within 60 yards cause he'll be history.
  6. #3 was Sat after Easter, I was corrected by my 6 year old daughter.
  7. I killed#1 opening morning.#2 was the next Thurs.#3 was on the Sat before Easter in the afternoon and I was done. I called 5 more for friends and they were all successful.Last year was my 1st year and I think it is a awsome sport. I actually think later is better because the Tom's run out if hens [ 01-31-2005, 07:13 PM: Message edited by: TurkeyKrazy ]
  8. I own a black syn nova. I thought the action was a little noisy,I adjusted the little allen screws a small amount.I thought the black would bother the turkey's but they don't seem to mind it at all. I shoot a H.S and 31/2 Hevi Shot #6 with very good results.
  9. I view alot of hunting tapes and the only thing I see different is the terrain. Will you be guided? They say that a call over here will work out there. Did you ever find Butler,Ga?
  10. pcw I use a Nova for turkey hunting and also Hevi Shot. I use a 31/2 #6. I bought H.S choke tube designed for Hevi Shot. I killed 3 birds last season. 2 were standing between 55/60 yards. I dug out over 11 pellets in the head and some went completely through.
  11. Jad, Butler Ga is about 40 to 50 miles east of Columbus. 100 miles south of Atlanta and about 50 miles SW of Macon. Right in the middle of nowhere.I live about 25 miles south.
  12. I use Hevi Shot #6 31/2 High Velo Mags. I use a Nova and a H.S choke tube designed for Hevi Shot.0.675. Hevi Shot performs better though more open chokes. I have the same results as bwnr. Watch the video at Remingtons website.
  13. Your guns look great.I wonder if the paint will hold up on a Sythetic stock?
  14. I got alot of info from the H.S Strut TurkeySchool Vhs tapes,nothing is better than hearing the real thing in the wild. That is the best teacher I know.
  15. Jad, Contact Barrow Automotive in Butler Ga. It is a part store/gun dealer. Those guys are the best when it comes to guns. I don't buy from anywhere else. Sorry I don't have the # . I always ride over there.
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