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  1. Tucker and all, You also missed that the new SBEII is drilled and tapped for scopes now unlike the SBEII's in 2004. Good hunting
  2. Anyone use a Burris Speed dot 135 on the SBEII??? Looking to use it for turkey setup, curious how it performed?? Will take any suggestions on dot sights as well. Appreciate the input!!!
  3. Has anyone used a B Square mount on the SBEII. Looking for a way to mount a scope on the receiver without having to tap reciever. Any suggestions??? Trying to make a setup for turkey hunting so I can use a dot sight. Thanks in advance!!
  4. tucker, sorry it was a joke for jd he and i know one another. Little internet fun. Thanks for all of your advise it has been very handy for me and I am sure jd. I appreciate your efforts along with everyone else. I will shortly be new to the benelli family and this forum has been a real help!!
  5. Turkey how hard is it to change that stock?? Dont own SBEII but thinking of getting one. Also, any recommendations on choke for turkey???
  6. What do you and birdog have in common???
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