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  1. HA HA LOL Tucker once again great response.
  2. Thanks to all for the responses. Life in New Orleans is getting better, but we still have a long way to go. Also, please don't forget tht this storm affected Mississippi and Alabama as well. I mostly hear about New Orleans in the news down here but those states need to be remembered as well. I appreciate your responses, I won't get a chance to buy one of these guns until June/July, that is when it looks like we will get our shipments in. I will keep watching all of your reponses and would appreciate any advice and or positive/negative comments on these guns as you use them. This will be my first automatic and am looking forward to shooting one. Thanks
  3. Jim Thanks for the reply. Let me know if you buy one of these two guns. i would like to get some feedback on how well they shoot (have seen Tuckers groupings- impressed) and the claims that the Comfortech has a "quick recovery" and for the 300wsm that it "shoots like a light 270" etc.. I am interested in buying a 300wsm but would like to get some solid feedback before I rush out and get one. Thanks for your time
  4. Has anyone purchased and shot the 300 wsm or 270 wsm in the comfortech yet?? How about some feedback. What type of pricing is out there??? Thanks
  5. Deerslayer


    That is funny. Good one!!! Still laughing!
  6. I forgot to add gun to be used for long range hogs/ whitetail in Louisiana/Mississippi and elk hunts in Colorado/New Mexico etc.
  7. Well, What's everyones opinion? Going to purchase new rifle but not sure which to get. Give me the pros and cons. Would especially like to hear from someone who owns both brands. Looking in 300 win mag/short mag area. I appreciate everyones input!!!
  8. Tucker, Did you decide yet on wether to go with the BAR or Comfortech?? Also can you/and would you want to put a BOSS system on the BAR in 300 Win Mag?? What are your thoughts? Thanks
  9. New Orleans. I hunt inSt. Francisville. Where are you from??
  10. Steveieboy, Who did you buy your R1 from and If you don't mind stating what did you pay??? Thanks
  11. Which R1 did you get???? What caliber as well???
  12. This will be my first automatic. Am thinking of getting the 300 win mag mostly for long shots here in the south but also plan to do a little elk hunting. What is the over all opinion on the Comf R1. I shot the Browning BAR 300 Win Mag and was impressed with the gun. I value your opinions on both the R1 as an automatic but also on the comfortech. Is it as good as benelli says it is?? I listened to you all before I bought my SBEII and am very glad that I did. I love it!! So what should I do?? Thanks Louisiana Evacuee
  13. Valid point did not think of that!! Thanks for the input Good Hunting!!
  14. In my opinoin 26" is right on perfect for wing shooting and turkeys. However, I differ with tucker on Max 4. I find it to be to yellow in color for the woods and to turkey hunt with. That gobbler has pretty good eyesight. I dont care for the timber camo I feel the camo is a little weak compared to other manufacturers camo on their guns. I would go with the black, again only my opinion, dont need to get bombarded with a million responses as to why I might be wrong.
  15. For those of you suggesting the Terror choke tubes for the SBEII for turkey hunting, I am not sure as to which one to order. I went to the wadwizzard site and there are two to choose from. Can someone point me in the right direction as to which one to get and why. The two are as follows: 1-BRTF-TCT Optima field Crio .655 2-BRTS-TCT Sporting Crio .655 I do not understand what the difference is in the two and would appreciate any help than anyone could offer. Thanks in advance!!! Good Hunting
  16. I have a better idea. How about hunters stop bashing one another. That is all we need to be at each others throats. As if having the left wing s.o.b.'s trying to take our guns away is not enough, now we have who is beter than who fights among us. Keep this kind of B.S. up and the anti's surely will win. Enough said Good Hunting!!!!
  17. Mudhen Where can I find Gary's website with that information??
  18. Please disregard this topic and go to other posting Thanks
  19. What is the verdict on the best Turkey tube for the SBEII and what manufacturer and shot does everyone like. Whats up with crio tubes as well?? Thanks in advance! Good hunting
  20. What is the verdict on the best Turkey tube for the SBEII and what shot does evryone like. Whats up with crio tubes as well?? Thanks in advance! Good hunting
  21. Cool! That is what I was thinking as well, thanks for the reply. Good Hunting
  22. Question, Wonder if this makes the gun illegal to hunt with seeing how you are only supposed to have 3 shells in the gun while hunting Ducks etc. in some states. What do ya'll think, I'm curious to know Good Hunting
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