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  1. Trigger guard is plastic. I have not seen a shield or rail. However, this doesn't preclude the existence of them.
  2. Cleric

    Duck calls

    That's a full collection. What an excellent cabinet for storing them in. Was it made for that purpose. BTW, I PMed you a thanks for the chokes. However, I'm still grateful. Thanks again!
  3. Cleric

    Nova Recoil Pad

    Put the bottom of it in the palm of your hand. Lift up and pull outwards at the same time. It is a snug fit, so don't be afraid to be strong.
  4. Cleric

    Duck calls

    Do you own any other RNT calls? What do you think abou them?
  5. I use: http://www.kentgamebore.com/products/fasteel.asp Usually in a 4 shot, 1.375 charge, and 3". I need to get some 3.5" for goose season and when the ducks call for it.
  6. Cleric

    Duck calls

    Just have to brag somewhere other than to my wife (she's sick of hearing about duck season)... I've got a Buckshot Magnum call coming in. Very excited about giving it a try. It's got their new reversible reed system. Should help me make the call sound like a duck. Anybody else pick up a new call or two for the season?
  7. Looking for a cheaper solution to the mule inside my Nova. Will a pre-fit M1/SBE Limbsaver pad fit into the Nova? The Comfortech is supposed to work between the two. http://www.limbsaver.com/limbsaver/firearms/precfit.aspx
  8. http://www.e-gunparts.com/product.asp?chrProductSKU=741720B&MC=
  9. Just a bit tall for me. I like to be a lot lower to the ground. Less profile = less for the birds to see. In addition, if you're under 6', you will need something to stand on to get a decent range of motion.
  10. http://www.benelliusa.com/customer-service/manuals.tpl A manual for the M1 and the M4 super 90 are available there in PDF. Perhaps they can help you. [ 09-19-2005, 11:41 AM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
  11. That's a tease. How about a full-length shot of those beauties?
  12. Cleric

    where can I get a m4?

    Have you tried calling CO dealers? http://www.benelliusa.com/dealer-locator/index.tpl http://www.benelliusa.com/cgi-bin/benelliusa.cgi?ZIP=80210&selectdistance=150 I was in the Aurora Gander Mountain recently. They had an excellent selection, but I didn't look specifically at the M4's (yet ).
  13. In our flyaway zone, dark geese opens on the 2nd of October. I wish it opened in September. However, the well-supported rumor is that CO left the season for light geese open until the end of April this year (unlimited bag limit also). [ 09-12-2005, 09:59 AM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
  14. Cleric

    Factory Chokes?

    Mudhen, Thanks! PM will be dispatched right now. Everyone else, thanks for the info. I forget to turn to eBay... got to remember that next time.
  15. Cleric

    Factory Chokes?

    Just got an "used" Nova today. It was in perfect shape, but lacked chokes. I was wondering if there was a good place to pick up the factory IM and M chokes for cheap? Thanks!
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