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  1. Cleric

    I did it!!

    I'd say build up some brownie points with getting some of those projects hammered out. She'll catch on pretty quick when you're burning through the projects, but at that point, you'll be way ahead of where you started.
  2. Cleric

    Other shotguns

    Speaking of brain-rattling SXS, I have an old Ithaca 16g that will tear the arm off a Yeti. Fun little gun.
  3. So, with a new addition on the way in June and a move coming up, I have been watching the finances closely. Not buying any unnecessary duck calls, keeping the lid on gadgets, etc. It has been alright until yesterday... I was in Gander Mountain just minding my own buisness. I stumbled across their clearance shotgun rack. What did I find? A walnut M2 field for $800. Ohh, man. Was I one unhappy camper. That's the lowest I've seen a new M2. One of these days I'll have my revenge...
  4. Compressing it some length-wise helps, then don't be afraid to apply some effort. Mine has gotten a little easier with time. Plus, if you get it removed, you can throw chokes in there in a case... or a spare sandwich... or...
  5. I should say: Yes, the Nova also unlocks the bolt from the barrel after firing. I know very few (if any) pumps which do not do this, however. I haven't experienced anything that I would consider "block back" from my Nova.
  6. Shouldn't "blow back" though. That sounds pretty violent. Does the P350 have the locking bolt like the Nova? It doesn't look the same from what I have seen.
  7. Sweet! Just post a picture of one of those old beauties to make the fellows around here appreciate where we came from.
  8. Don't let the man kid you... that's not all of his brood. I know of at least one oldie which makes me smile.
  9. Well put, Tucker. I'll send you my $0.02 since you already summed up most of it.
  10. Check out Zink's poly lineup. I have a poly Power Maximus and find it great for the price ($30).
  11. CLP is the only lube/cleaner that I use. Have never had any problems with it and everything is as it should be (free of rust and moving easily). Worth every penny, IMHO.
  12. Seriously. We ought to do a secret santa gift exchange during Christmas... and I get M1014 to give gifts to me.
  13. Cleric

    Grizzly man

    As long as you chip in for the charter.
  14. Well, these pads are on the general market. That is to say, they have arrived on eBay.
  15. Cleric

    Grizzly man

    I'm not a huge fan of Darwin. However, in this case, NATURAL SELECTION certainly applies. I'll charter a plane for the next moron (or thirty) who wants to live with the grizzlies. Better get him up there before he gets the chance to reproduce. [ 02-27-2006, 09:35 AM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
  16. Congrats! I know how utterly reliable my Nova is. I can only guess how the H20 model will be! Be sure to tighten up the forearm to eliminate most of that rattle.
  17. Cleric

    Benelli Practical

    That's incredible. When I said it was a bit esoteric for me, I was right. I think I've heard of those... once. Maybe twice. What a piece. You said you found it NOS? Have you gotten that out on the range yet?
  18. I have an idea of the model line, but this one is probably a bit esoteric for me. Why must you taunt me so!?
  19. Hmm... special feature. I have a feeling that this feature is going to have me green with envy at one of M1014's toys... again. Darn you!
  20. Cleric

    Nova Forend

    I've heard nothing but great things about the older 870's, especially the Wingmasters. I will undoubtably pick one up sometime. Who knows, the new problems could have just been a bad batch. I've just heard enough to hesistate.
  21. Cleric

    Nova Forend

    Eh, haven't been impressed with the most recent production of 870's (express). Quality is a bit suspect and there have been rampant issues with rust. At any rate, the best way to remove the rattle from the Nova foreend is to tighten the two allen-headed screws where the pump arms end within the foreend. Try to tighten them the same number of turns. When you go too far in, the foreend will not move as easily. Back it out a bit and you should be in great shape. Removed 80% of the rattle out of my Nova. Good luck! [ 02-25-2006, 11:13 AM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
  22. That being said... I wonder if a Super Nova trigger group would fit into my old Nova. The extra space in the trigger guard would be nice.
  23. Agreed... for the price bracket, I'm very content with my "old" Nova. I don't know if the jump in price is going to be a good thing for the Nova. However, I have underestimated the need for people to spend money before.
  24. All hail the great and mighty Mudhen. Photobucket downsizes anything over 512k. Did the catalog have MRSP? [ 02-24-2006, 03:38 PM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
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