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  1. Cleric


    Very tight setup! Are you using the greenheads as confidence birds or just that small of a spread?
  2. If you haven't broken it in, you absolutely need to do that. Like Nate suggested, put a couple of boxes of heavy loads through it and then give it a good cleaning. Remember to keep it sucked up tight to your shoulder. Recoil actions need something to recoil against.
  3. Cleric

    The Refuge

    Quite nice... you'll catch a few for sure! Need to get a good Bible verse engraved on the side... something like Psalm 94:1.
  4. Cleric

    The Refuge

    I hope you are out to do that soon! How's the rehab? My account at the 'Fuge just got activiated. Thanks to whomever got it done!
  5. Cleric

    The Refuge

    Thus why you are still standing.
  6. Cleric

    The Refuge

    Yes, that is the place to which I was referring. HA! And you think women your age are going to understand you? Heck, I don't even know how old you are, but I am willing to be the emotional river is going to be quite dry when you drop a gun-related question in a quilting forum. [ 12-19-2005, 10:20 PM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
  7. Cleric

    The Refuge

    Doh! I'm still not in... Tucker must be one of the chosen. I can't wait to get on there. If nothing else, I am going to prey upon the classifieds for great deals. OF COURSE, I need another call!
  8. "Benelli Click" refers to an issue with autos (SBEII in particular)... I think. I may be wrong.
  9. Cleric

    HK Benelli SBE I

    As far as I know, there is really no "rarity" issue with the HK/Benelli SBE. HK imported them for a decent stretch of time and they turn up with some regularity. As for your original question about price difference, I have no clue and will stop typing.
  10. Cleric

    New Nova??

    Let's try this: Benelli 800 = New Nova Mudhen started the "French" thing, maybe he has some first-hand experience. Lucky...
  11. Cleric

    New Nova??

    Hmm... French Lady.... http://www.fototime.com/0B50D7FCCEB8107/standard.jpg
  12. Cleric

    New Nova??

    This will be an interesting change for the Nova. Going away from the integrated stock/reciever seems to be going away from one of the bigger selling points of the Nova. Almost a different gun at that point.
  13. Cleric


    I look forward to it. I have a soft spot for almost any shorter barreled shotgun with the corncob foreend.
  14. Cleric


    He's not giving much info... doesn't need really need to either. He's just showing us that his taste in old defence/police shotguns is quite good and he has a knack for aquiring them. You don't happen to have an Ithaca 37 riot in that safe of yours do you?
  15. Cleric

    recoil reducer

    Last I heard, the Nova specific pads would be out at the first of the year. I'd be interested to hear if they had pushed that up. I would go for the pad first and then see if you need the recoil reducer. I never went that extra step. [ 12-02-2005, 12:33 AM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
  16. Welcome! I also love someone with a fondness for grammar and punctuation. Heck, in today's world, a sentence with a period and capitalization makes you qualified to be an english teacher. Looking forward to his experience!
  17. Cleric


    I have heard of only this new "Nova": http://www.benelliusa.com/forums/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/2291.html Someone else posted here talking about one with shims, but that seems highly unlikely. At any rate, the aforementioned 800 should statiate any pistol grip and tactical stock cravings.
  18. Are you guys using CLP or some other solvent/cleaner? I might put a call in to customer service soon with this issue. A lot of people seem to be having it and there doesn't seem to be a known answer.
  19. That would be like selling a child!
  20. Just don't buy Wally World cheap paper towels. I swear, you could use some of them as sand paper.
  21. Sounds like a decent method. My only concern would be the abrasiveness (if any) of the paper towels. As long as they are soft enough, it shouldn't be an issue.
  22. Hmm, purdy. Whenever I'm in the market for a semi-auto carbine and have loads of cash to blow, you know what I'll be buying. Was the picture of the 800 from this same show?
  23. I got my Nova at the very beginning of this waterfowl season and have been truly enjoying the gun. Having a firearm that is this worry-free has been a true joy. I have been cleaning and lubing it with BreakFree CLP. I use the product on all my firearms. However, when I clean the exterior of the Nova barrel, my cleaning cloth comes away with a slight brown color. As far as I can tell, this isn't the color of the CLP and it doesn't occur on other firearms. Anybody have any similar experiences cleaning the Nova barrel? Thanks!
  24. Cleric

    benelli 800

    The gun or the lady?... Sorry, couldn't resist, that picture begged some sort of "male" comment. Looks quite interesting. Hopefully more info will be forthcoming at the beginning of next year.
  25. Sounds like a blast! To make sure you give yourself the best possible chances with those ducks, go pattern your shotgun with both your M and IC chokes and the rounds you will be using. Every gun is bit different and you need to determine which will work better for you. I can tell you that I shoot M most of the time, but there will be many, many others who shoot IC. Patterning is the only way to get a good reading on the topic.
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