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  1. Cleric


    Yowza! That'll do the job. No doubt there! What the maker on that knife? The hilt looks familiar, but I can't place it. I bet tomatos and carrots just cringe when you come to slice and dice with that baby.
  2. Cleric


    Well, at least you can throw the mag extension at that unwelcome someone who comes through your front door. Better get your pitching arm warmed up.
  3. Right now, a good price for those is over $100. Since they have ceased importing them, the prices have just gone through the roof. You may try asking about the Tacstar products over here: http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewforum.php?f=7 There may be a few more fellows who have tried them out.
  4. Cleric

    my new gun

    Welcome to the Nova family. Although my gun may become like that cousin-you-never-talk-about-with-that-funny-skin-condition, we are still proud of our Nova's.
  5. The man knows when to flaunt what he has. Looks like the practical is in a traveling case. Does that mean you finally took it out for some play?
  6. Thanks Tucker - Here's the picture of the most current sheath with the "groove" thingy: http://www.excaliburcutlery.com/art/sog/sg25.jpg In Tucker's link, you can see the Seal Pup Elites. A few different features on those, but the same kind of sheath. For me, the extra changes weren't worth the extra money.
  7. Very nice... love the videos on the product pages.
  8. M1014 - You better be careful, man. You're going to hurt yourself with an upgrade like that. Make sure your tot'n chit is current and you are under adult supervision. Likwid - You do need to pay attention to the sheath situation with the Pups. They have at least 4 sheaths that I know of. There are nylon and leather sheaths. The ones you need to pay attention to are the kydex sheaths. The newer models fit the Pups a lot better. you can identify them because they have the "groove" system on them. Remy - I also have one of their multi's and am very impressed with it. I'll let you
  9. In your world... probably
  10. Just invested in a new knife. Needed something for all my outdoor adventuring needs and settled on a SOG Seal Pup. Hopefully, it proves to be a decent investment. Anyone have some experience with either the Pup or its bigger brother?
  11. That's an excellent question. Especially since you have implied that you are on a budget. It's a piece that you probably would never see use out of. Heck, I doubt I would even put one on a pump. I would only consider it on a semi. Get yourself a shorter barrel and put a side-saddle on it... that'll make you feel tough.
  12. The Federal does seem a bit denser, but also appears to be patterning a bit high. Is that consistent? The Kent looks like it is patterning much more consistently across the target. I've been shooting both (mostly Kent) and haven't found a lot of difference in their field performance.
  13. Welcome! If you end up picking up a rifled barrel that isn't cantilevered or if you want a scope (yeah... reddot!) for turkey hunting, I know that B-Square makes a mount which installs over your reciever: http://secure.armorholdings.com/b-square/benelli.html Just don't pay MSRP: http://www.midsouthshooterssupply.com/item.asp?sku=0008016305 http://www.shootersmart.com/site/Library/display/?prodid=33456 http://myoutdoorsupply.dealerease.net/catalog/product.asp?pid=1161&ret_id=506692
  14. But there's no wood to knock on there! Very nice. Zombies... yes, musn't forget the undead. For a good laugh, check out the "Zombie Survival Guide." It's perfect for any young and excited zombie hunter. You could go waterfowl hunting with it... as long as your hunting partners are deaf or don't mind going there.
  15. Cleric

    Limbsaver 10402

    Ohh.. dude. Didn't see that one coming. Very nice. Watch out... it's coming back your way now.
  16. Cleric

    Limbsaver 10402

    My slip-on limbsaver makes quite the difference. It's worth the $30-40, IMHO.
  17. Opps, double-post on the subject. Didn't see the first when I scanned the posts. Sorry about that.
  18. http://www.benelliusa.com/newProductTour/index.html Not too bad... someone does some decent flash work.
  19. Cleric

    Limbsaver 10402

    They are also on eBay for $40 shipped. Looks to be a reputable seller. Need my tax return to come in.
  20. That video did more to convince me not to try that item than it did to sell me. Looks awfully picky.
  21. Tucker - you're a machine with video analysis. That idiot couldn't move his arm after he shot. Probably jammed his elbow.
  22. Cleric

    3 vs 3.5

    My understanding is that 3.5" shells typically just deliver a larger payload than the 3". Thus, you should have a denser pattern. However, that is best determined between you, your shotgun, a handful of shells, and some paper.
  23. That just adds fuel to my 7mm fire. I need to get my hands on one of those.
  24. Cleric

    Other shotguns

    Here's the Ithaca with a Nova beside it for reference.
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