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  1. Cleric

    new user

    Howdy! Enjoy the wealth of knowledge here. Oh yeah, steer clear of M1014. He may look harmless, but...
  2. Ohhh... ouch. That one is going to sting for a while.
  3. $100 and the option of different configurations (and comforttech). That's about it.
  4. Limbsaver - same model that fits the comforttech SBEII's will fit the Super Nova (10402). Best bang for your buck in recoil reduction out there. As for the Benelli pads, if they fit a synthetic SBEII, they will fit the Super Nova.
  5. Oh yes, good find on the M3. Sorry, got a little excited by the picture.
  6. That's what I'm talking about right there! Good early week pick-me-up. Thanks M1014!
  7. "You got politics in my duck-hunting!" "You got duck-hunting in my politics!"
  8. It's pretty universal that the action needs to be broken-in on any semi-auto shotgun. The glorious SBEII is no exception. You will find some difficulty shooting lighter rounds with the gun out-of-the-box. Because of stiff springs and just general-stiffness, the SBEII will probably not cycle consistently. Not to worry! When you do break it in, you will have the all-in-one gun for which you are looking. Just give it a lot of love for one weekend, ice your shoulder, and you're ready to go! Better yet, take that buddy of yours who can handle anything (we all have one) and make him shoot
  9. Tucker... that's like taunting a starving guy with a cheesburger, fries, and a large side of slaw. Quite evil. He's got to start out on some bread and water.
  10. I would guess that one would want to try to break it in some before putting unknown rounds through it. Shoot a hefty stack of mag loads through it before you go. [ 10-06-2006, 06:22 PM: Message edited by: Cleric ]
  11. I had also heard that. I read that RNT has done something in recent years to help with the sticking. Don't know if that is verifiable or not... probably should just give them a ring. I found a used original over at the 'Fuge for $70. Looks to be in killer shape, but old enough to have a sticker. So, maybe I'll send it in for engraving and a bit o' love when I get it.
  12. That was my intial impression also. I have an Olt 66 that does all the close work I could ever want. It's nothing but quack, but not very good on the hails... so, I'm off to buy the Original.
  13. Looking to get into my first high-dollar call. Tried a few and liked the RNT Original. Goofed around on it a little bit and enjoyed it, but didn't get to test its range. Clearly, it has great hail potential. How is its bottom end?
  14. Browning BPS - bottom ejection and I believe that the safety is reversible. Good dependable hardware.
  15. That's a negatory on the forearm. Just swap barrels.
  16. Ahoy! Glad to see you are still kicking around. A bit of a time off for me as we moved, but back for more trouble. How about a picture of that practical to soothe the spirit?
  17. Cleric

    Nova pump

    I'd strip down your mag-tube and make sure that you aren't forcing the plunger against some obstruction or a ding in the tube. FOLLOW YOUR MANUAL! That tube is under some spring pressure. If you don't feel comfortable, by all means take it to your nearest gunsmith. Forcing is bad.
  18. Tucker nailed it on the head... a certain member may own the bulk of them ever manufactured... and he really should share. Lucky dog.
  19. Greetings fellow Benelli-ites! Been a while and I come bearing a question... My Nova is showing wear on the inside of the reciever where the top of the bolt travels. There appears to be a thin layer of plastic (polymer, whatever) coming off of the metal piece underneath. The plastic looks to only be 1/32" or so at that point in the reciever, so I was wondering if it wasn't expected to last and was just some over-molding. Thanks!
  20. Blackhawk also makes something very similar.
  21. Cleric

    GG&G Pics

    Pictures aren't working for me... anybody else having problems?
  22. I think he wants the pump arm to look more 870-ish. The answer would be.... No.
  23. Cleric


    Yeah. Zidane ensured that I wasn't rooting for France. What a pathetic way to end a career. The guy has a good international reputation as a soccer player and to be red-carded off the field AND then to have your team lose... sad.
  24. Cleric


    You're in good hands. If anyone can dig something like that up, it'll be M1014. It's almost scary the amount of information the guy has.
  25. I haven't tried the 10402. I have a medium slip-on which I have shimmed out to a good fit for my lanky butt.
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