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  1. The condors don't eject the shells like others do. It's just something you have to deal with.
  2. When I was a junior in highschool I flipped my bronco end over end on opening day of the deer season. Spent the afternoon in the hospital. Luckily all I got was a concussion, considering I wasn't wearing my belt. I went back out the next day and dropped two deer.
  3. Well, maybe I was out of line w/ my comment, maybe I wasn't. It just seems like like there is a lot of bad mouthing on the forum and and does get a little old. I know, I know, opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one, we just don't want to see it. I say we get back to waterfowling.
  4. Hey Tucker, Does your S**t stink? Just curious, the way you cut people down on this forum, you must be a pretty big man. You may want to think about getting your sniffer checked out. I guess it's not our fault that nobody on here is as smart as you. I mean.. really..
  5. Yeah, haven't been there in a few years. Just have to talk the wife into letting me go. New house or North Dakota, umm, tough call.
  6. Man I'm jealous, Out here we can only shoot two geese a day. Snows are different of course, but it's rare to see them. Duck hunting doesn't open here until saturday. Can't complain too much though, we did limit out on canadas this weekend. Good luck everyone.
  7. I prefer the Big River Long Honker for Canadas, like Tucker said. I bought a Buck Gardner Acrylic call for green heads for $10 and it works just fine, a side from an occasional operator error.
  8. Only in Wisconsin, LOL, that's some funny stuff
  9. I have one that I want to sell. (Actually the wife says it has to go.) I've never had a problem with it, just don't need another 12 ga.
  10. Hey Likwid, I'll trade ya, my Dodge for your Firechicken. Gas mileage is probably the same.
  11. LOL, That's funny stuff NateDog, one of my buddies had a carp mounted once, why?, I have no idea. But it was it funny.
  12. Sprigsss, That gumbo looks pretty healthy right there...man..I can smell it already, I just don't think I would use them there coot for it though. That's almost like substituting carp for walleye, it's just not right.
  13. Unbelievable, nice animal....I couldn't imagine taking something like that.
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