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  1. john h

    243 vs. 270

    To put in my two cents, I've taken 27 deer with a .270 and watched all but 1 fall. Leads me to believe it is very effective, yes I know Jack O'connor would be proud. Yes it does kick, last year during our does only season I took a couple of does with Rem's new managed recoil loads. One was just shy of 150 yrds. Ballistically on par with a 300 Savage and the recoil of a 30-30, they do shoot about 2" lower at a 100 yards than reg 130 grain factory loads, but still in line. At least in my Rem. pump. This may be an option. If you do have him use full trottle loads cover his ears and layer him real good, so he doesn't get beat up too badly. When he's shooting at a deer he won't know the difference in recoil from a .22 or a .375 H&H. Hope this helps. I know about recoil woes this is deer only deer rifle I've ever used or needed for the past 25yrs now and it does quite well on Colorado's elk also. John
  2. SgtCathy, I think it has something to do with Brownings back bored system, my invector plus full choke tube measures exactly like my Benelli mod. tube and the invector mod. tube measures the same a Benelli skeet 1 tube. Don't know really how it all works, but % wise the pellet count is about the same. If anyone out there can explain, I'd love to listen. John
  3. Congratulations brother, John
  4. john h

    SBE trouble...

    Mudhen, seems an apology is in order. I did misunderstand your humor and sarcasm. Regards, John
  5. john h

    SBE trouble...

    Last I can recall Mo. was a red state? At least I was. I am very thankful for what I have and where I'm at!! If you ever get to the mid-west I'd like nothing more than to have a beer with you. You seem like an interesting fellow, myself I have no desire to visit Cal. Been close hunting in Colorado. Regards, John
  6. john h

    SBE trouble...

    Mudhen, what the **** kinda comment was that? After reading all of your post here, I thought you had some common sense, maybe I was wrong? You totally missed what I was saying!! This seems to be the typical type of response this site has to offer, I thought maybe I could learn something here, maybe not. Good day sir, John P.S. Don't know why I got so worked up over someone from the far left coast.
  7. john h

    SBE trouble...

    Interesting to see people this passionate about there hobbies, in other parts of the world people are worried about Big brother coming in and doing whatever, whenever! and feeding the people they care most about, and we have time for this.It's kinda cool living in America isn't it? God bless America!!! John
  8. Webfoot, ditto on the joke about deer hunting, but the comment on the modified choke is some funny S**T!! I don't care who you are! LOL!! I did. Thanks for the chuckle. John
  9. john h

    SBE trouble...

    Funny all the talk here lately about stock shims, I read a really good article in June 2006 Shooting times in the firing line dept. Testing the different shims for the SBEll and it showed about 20" difference in the center of pattern at 40yrds between the 50 and 65mm shims. Sounds to me if you just have a high, low problem it would be time well spent. John
  10. Someone has way too much time,but kinda cool anyway!
  11. Greetings from another Mo. turkey hunter, just north of Troy in kinda north central Mo. They were hot and bothered to say the least. LOTS OF RAIN!! Henned up but workable. Knocked down a 20# jake about 10:30 Sun. after 3 hard morns. I'll try to get a picture on after I get it off my buddies camera. If you couldn't get em' off the roost, it was a long wait, good luck guy's I'm going to do the family thing this weekend. John
  12. CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! JMIKESTEEN! Could't agree more!! Someone had to finally say it! John
  13. IdahoDucker, I have to agree with Tucker on this one. Wow!!
  14. Simp, I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Hope this gives other forum readers a better outlook on what goes on in the rest of the world, even with our neighbors to the north. John
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