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  1. Hey - Nice birds Mudhen! Congrats! That first bird and the one you are posing with . . . is that a Merriams or a Rio?. The other one looks like an Eastern. Am I correct or am I way off?
  2. Siskr - Glad you had a good time chasing turkeys in the Gila. Did you get one? I also hunted up in the Gila . . . a bit farther north than you . . . but I got spanked! Oh I got into plenty of birds but I just couldn't pull it all together this year to pop one with my new M2. I passed up numerous jakes and I've got all kinds of other excuses that I could tell you about why I didn't bag a tom this year . . . truth is I made some awful mistakes and impatience got the better of me. Dang! Mudhen - I lived in Elk Grove for 2 years back in the early 90s. I'm from NM but my wife and I found ourse
  3. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by mudhen: Donnie says vacuum..... mudhen - CA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donnie says vacuum..... What does that mean you freaky freak?!!! Do tell now!
  4. Ahh - Once again I find some spectacular entertainment on this site. It truley rivals even the most controversial opinions found on various bird dog sites. Livergsp - speaking of bird dogs (I know I'm off topic here) your handle would indicate that your a shorthair fancier, am I correct? I also am a shorthair man, best dogs on earth in my opinion. I take it you like all liver colored GSPs. Beautiful dogs they are. And Mudhen - Um, I'm just a simple country boy with expensive hobbies like bird hunting and bird dogs and nice guns. So I've got one question for you........What in th
  5. Welcome caribou creek. I'm new around here too. Have posted a couple of times but mostly just lurk. Very interesting and entertaining site. Sorry, but my new Benelli M2 works just fine. Don't have any controversial problems with it. Stupid gun shoots exactly like I want it too. I do have on back order the shorter LOP butt pad because my arms are a little shorter than average . . . . I guess I could blame that on the gun. The only problem I've had with it is that I didn't get to pull the trigger on a long-beard with it this year. Let's just say I committed a few blunders in the
  6. Even though I haven't commented, I have been watching this thread with interest. FWIW I just got a new M2 in late March. Haven't had a single problem with it. I have shot a bunch of light game loads and patterned some turkey loads thru it and have not had a single failure to cycle, nor have I had the problem of it shooting high when using the bead for turkey targets. However, when I do use the bead I make sure my cheek is low on the stock so that I can't see the top of the rib. That's the way I've always used a bead when shooting turkeys. The only concern I have with the gu
  7. I also have a 14" LOP gel pad on BO thru my local gunshop. I just got a new M2 in late March. It only took a week for that to come in. Oh well.....no worries. I am still able to use the gun, even though I look forward to getting the new pad.
  8. dandy - your SBE II will (should) come standard with a magazine limiter. It's also called a plug and pretty much all semi-auto shotguns come with one. Here in the States it's required for migratory bird hunting so the gun can't hold more than 3 shells, but it can also be removed for certain upland bird hunting depending on the state you live in. Good luck with your new gun. I just bought a new M2 and I really like it.
  9. Hi folks. I just registered as a new member today. I found this forum a few weeks ago when I was looking at my new shotgun on the Benelli site. I am the proud owner of a brand new M2 with the ComforTech stock system and camo finish. Love the gun and can't wait to wack a gobbler with it this spring.
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