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  1. MN law states that: Private establishments - if posted or if personally requested to leave by the operator because that establishment bans guns on premises. Places of employment, public or private, if employer restricts the carry or possession of firearms by its employees. MN has specific laws about the posting as well:2) "Prominently" means readily visible and within four feet laterally of the entrance with the bottom of the sign at a height of four to six feet above the floor. (3) "Conspicuous" means lettering in black arial typeface at least 1-1/2 inches in height against a bright
  2. M4 with a 2 shot magazine extension. But really, why not an M4, short barrel, pistol grip, tough as nails.
  3. My Manual on page 8 under warranty states WARNING: The use of non-benelli original parts on the arm void the warranty. You can request a manual from Benelli, they will send it for free.
  4. Actually we could use both tubes to drive up the price even higher. Then we can be really bad and take advantage of emptying the wallets of these poor defenseless bidders on the open market where prices are set by demand.
  5. Did ebay give you any problems posting the tube?
  6. Oh yea? Well I have one for sale for $700. It's TOTALLY worth the price. You have any idea how expensive aluminum is these days? And the amount of time it takes to lathe a 6 inch tube with shallow threading? You're paying strictly for the cost of materials and labor time. It has NOTHING at all to do with markup or hawking. I swear! [ 05-20-2006, 03:25 AM: Message edited by: Duggan ] I guess you decided to go with basic economics 101: Supply and Demand. Rather than the idiot response, its only made out of cheap aluminum. Or your "hawking", or "you can't mark it up" thats gr
  7. BradC

    Brand new M4

    I work in West Ashley. Live in Mt. Pleasant. I have only shot at Twin Ponds off 17 toward Myrtle Beach.
  8. BradC

    Brand new M4

    Thanks Duggan, glad I am not the only one. Black Jack if your ever close to Charleston let me know we'll go shooting. Brad
  9. BradC

    Brand new M4

    DUH!! Thanks guys, its an 11707. I am glad I shoot better than I read. UPC label on the side of the box did not have this number. I never looked for another one at the end. Thanks!
  10. BradC

    Brand new M4

    I just acquired a brand new M4 and two magazine extensions. I can't tell which model it is though the box says on the side 61029. Is that the model number? When I googled the number every hit is in Italian. I want to be sure I can get the optional skeletonized stock for it. 100 rounds of 00buck so far. PERFECT! Thanks Brad
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