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  1. What? An Italian manufacturer having a problem with chrome plating flaking off? 1990's 4-valve Ducati owners may know something about this... It could very likely be bad plating. It happens on occasion. At worst, the plating vendor may have changed their process with negative effect, but then the problem would be wide spread. More likely, there was a problem with the run that produced your choke, and no one noticed that things were not quite right.
  2. The top of the receiver on the SBEII, where it is tapped for optics mounting, is integral with the barrel. Removing the barrel on an SBEII also removes your optics. No Cantelever necessary. See http://www.benelliusa.com/firearms/partsAccessoriesBarrels.tpl and compare SBE barrels w/the others... you will see that the receiver and barrel are integral [ 09-22-2006, 02:52 PM: Message edited by: siskr ]
  3. What? AZ has the the BEST duck hunting ANYWHERE. How can it not, with all the water everywhere. Actually, I don't know anyone here who hunts waterfowl. There is a season, though, so there must be someone who hunts them. The fine AZ leadership must have thought the duck stamp does significant financial harm to those 3 people here in the state who actually have to buy it
  4. siskr


    By the way, when I was a kid, I used some WD-40 to clean my pump-up pellet gun. When I went to pump it up afterwards, the darn stuff combusted in the chamber like a diesel engine, and snapped the pump handle back in the opposite direction. So don't clean your pump-up air guns with the stuff either.
  5. siskr


    The WD stands for Water Displacing. The stuff was used way back in the beginnings of the space program as a rust/corrosion preventer. It is a solvent, not a lubricant, and as such should not be used on bicycle chains or any other mechanism requiring lubrication, including firearm internals, unless said mechanism is lubed with a suitable grease/oil after cleaning with the WD-40. There is probably no harm in using it as a cleaning solvent, provided proper lubrication occurs afterwards, but why would you when there are cleaners specifically made for cleaning firearms and probably work better? I use a cleaner which claims to be camo safe. Keep the WD-40 off the camo.
  6. siskr

    SBE trouble...

    NM Birdman, i did indeed get one, but not before i made a few mistakes myself, the first of which was to set up between a bird i located the night before, and the dirt road into the location. there was no way that bird was coming my way when the large number of other hunters started coming down the road in the morning. on the second day of the hunt, however, i bagged one. oddly enough, i was saved from more stupidity by a barbed wire fence. straight ahead of us, a bit of a distance off, we heard some hens. ahead and to the left, about the same distance away, there was a gobbler. so we walked up between them and let out a few calls. the gobbler replied, but was still a good way off, so we began to walk his way with the intent of getting a little closer and picking a spot to hide. we came upon the aforementioned fence, and took a right turn to a spot about 30yards down, where the fence had fallen, so we could cross. right at this time, the bird let out a gobble, and wouldn't you know, he wasn't all that far from the fence where we first ran into it. had that fence not been there, we would have run him right over. i didn't think we had moved in that close to him. in any case, we immediately dropped to the ground, let out a few yelps, and the tom came strutting in. he stepped out from behind some thick juniper into a clear area, and as if on cue, broke his strut to have a look around. it was all over for him at that point. we also passed on some jakes. we spotted some birds coming down a hill toward us while we were on a hill opposite. we dropped down behind some logs, and waited for them to come up our way. as they came up over the top and into view, one of the jakes spotted my brother and got curious. he walked up to within 10 feet of my brother's muzzle. my brother turned to me, i was about 20 feet away, and asked if he should shoot him. we had a full volume conversation on the matter, all the while turning back and forth between each other and the jake. the stupid jake just stood there watching us the whole time as if we were his entertainment. we decided to let him go, and eventually he wandered off. i guess turkeys are like people... some are pretty smart, and some are dumb as bricks. anyway, it was a good time.
  7. siskr

    SBE trouble...

    by the way, NM birdman, I had a good time looking for turkeys in your state. we hunted a bit north of silver city, north of lake roberts. It's great to be able to get the tag over the counter. here in AZ you have to get drawn, which can be a rare event.
  8. siskr

    SBE trouble...

    i believe mr. mudhen understood perfectly; it is you who misunderstood his sarcasm. by the way, i am relieved that the source of this arguement has finally become clear to me. mudhen puts in a lot of practice to shoot right where he points, hence the effect of the shims. the rest of us, it would seem, use our sights. personally, i am a little jealous that he has the time to spend shooting 150 practice shots. i bought my benelli this spring and have had a chance to shoot a mere 2 turkey loads through it. the first to verify that it shot where i wanted it to, with an adequate pattern. the second dropped my turkey. to each his own, i guess.
  9. Pardon me for my lack of clarity. First of all, I do not shoot an M2; my SDBII has 2 beads. Secondly, I have no doubt that a change to the shims will have a significant impact on POI under the typical wingshooting scenarios. this is what they are for. As for all shotguns, when you use your eye for the rear sight, how you hold the gun, and how the gun "fits" you have significant impact on where you shoot. However, again, I seriously doubt that a shim change will do diddly if you use the 2 beads (on an SBEII), or a scope as previously mentioned, to line up your target. I'm done with this dead horse.
  10. Mr. Mudhen Sir, I have just bought a Benelli, my first, so please exuse my inexperience. It seems to me that any adjustments made to the gun behind the barrel and chamber would have minimal, if any, POI effect when using the 2 beads attached to said barrel for sighting. I admittedly have not had the opportunity to experiment, but my intuition tells me that changing the shims will not change the POI. Before even shooting the gun, I maximized my drop. Since I am a large person, and the distance from my eyes to my shoulder is longer than average, I figured this would be a good place to start. A subsequent clay shooting session left me feeling pretty good with the setup. I was also blessed with success on a recent turkey hunting trip, with a 30 yard shot at a decent 3 year old tom, so my gun would seem to be shooting well. You, seem to have considerable experience which would contradict my intuition, however you offer no sound argument for your case except to insult those who would disagree, accusing them of having "little knowledge, if any, on how the Benelli shim system works". Please, if you would, educate us, to a sufficient level of detail, on the mechanics of how the shims effect the POI. So far your arguement has been unconvincing. Until I am able to experiment with this myself, my bet is that HH is right.
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