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  1. Whamo, I would have to agree with Craig on this and say, it really depends what price range you are looking at. I, personally a serious waterfowler and have both the SBE II and the M2 both have MAX4 camo finishes...I have to say I do find myself using the M2 more often, although I do love my SBE II. If you plan on the just the occasional hunt I would probably go with something a little less pricey, a Benellis place is out in the field, not in a gun safe...not saying it would not be used...it SHOULD be used and OFTEN! Also if you are getting into hunting, keep in mind quail, pheasant, dove and duck are very different hunts and require very different gear setups. I would go down to the local gun shop and look at them all, pick them all up, see which one fits/feels the best, I would even shoot them all as well...if I could...Good Luck! Cant wait to hear your decision!
  2. I have read some questionable reviews by some very reputable reviewers on the I-12...
  3. The Super Nova is a great gun, but I would opt to the semi auto route and go with the Stoeger ( I am not a big pump action fan). I have several friends who shoot the M2000 and love it, also I havent read a bad review on it yet. I have though about purchasing one myself. Only thing I have heard is than the bolt release is tough at times, but can be tweaked easily by any gunsmith. For the price, I think it is a great way to go.
  4. Thay are both GREAT shotguns. I currently have a SBE II and an M2 both in MAX4 camo and would not give them up for anything. Having said that I would however also carry and Xtrema 2. Main difference that kept me with my Benelli's is the Inertia system. The Xtrema 2 is a top notch gun that performs extremely well . You can do just about anything with either shotgun from trap to hunting...as far as all the negative comments about Benellis...not sure where that is coming from, but coming from an avid waterfowler, Benelli's are some of the most sought after guns in the blinds...people will complain... Cleaning on the Benellis, to me is MUCH easier than ANY gas operated weapon...for example, I recently went out to shoot trap to practice before the season opens, and I shot 5 boxes through my SBEII, brought it home broke it down and it looked extremely clean, cleaned it in 10mins. Quality of materials is very comparable. Haven't heard anything about chokes being threaded badly. They are both great shotguns major piece of comparison for me is I do like the inertia system better than gas, but again I would use both
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