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  1. Factory Benelli M-4 2 shot extension tube. Excellent shape only used once. $100 Contact via PM shipping within conus will be extra. Sold pending funds
  2. Greetings, my dept has has 8 M-2 super 90s. lately several of the guns will no longer hold 5 rounds in the mag tube, The guns did when they were new. (2009). I am at a loss as to why this is happening . The ammo in question is 2 3/4 field loads, buckshot or slug. anybody have any ideas wy this is happening? The 5th round just wont fit into the mag tube
  3. My agency had 6 of these in service until 2000. In 2000 we adopted Beretta 1200's. In 2009 we got rid of the Berettas and went back to all benelli's M-2's. We kept the M121's in service so long that some actually shot themselves apart LOL. OUr M121's went into service around 1984-85 if I remember correctly.
  4. stinx

    A American M-4

    Imitation is a form of flatttery: http://www.tactical-life.com/online/exclusives/sneak-peak-remington-versa-max-tactical/?hp=exclusives_title
  5. stinx

    Barrel Touch Up?

    I had a local refinisher re do my barrel in Ceracoat. I think it was under $60. Business end Customs in Tewksbury Ma. Turnaround was 3 days.
  6. no plate that goes between stock and reciever so you can mount a single point sling. I found a local machine shop thats going to make them for us.
  7. Greetings, I am looking to get an ambi dextourus sling plate for the Benelli M-2 with pistol grip stock. 2 of my depts M-2 have these on them but nobody remembers were they were purchased or who made them. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Thanks Duggan I will flip the plate to the side.
  9. For now I am using an SKS sling. The SKS sling was cheap and it works pretty good.
  10. I dont like how you have to pick a side right or left. I want something simple,like a nylon ww2 type sling.
  11. I have a M-4 with the standard( non Collapsible)pistol grip stock. Has anybody added a standard sling swivel to the buttstock? I would like to mount one in the stock instead of using the one there.
  12. stinx

    M-4 slings

    Is it possible to use a standrd WW 2 adjustable nylon sling with the M-4? somebody gave me one and I was curious about it.
  13. MY agency has Eotech 552 sights on several of our Bushmaster M-4's. We have has issues with the battery compartments breaking. Eotech has been very good about sending replacements. On my Personal AR I have been using an Aimpoint Comp ML3 and like it alot.
  14. stinx

    M-4 & eotech

    anybody have an eotech mouted on there m-4? if so how do you like it? pictures would be be helpful.
  15. anybody currently have an Aim Point Micro T red dot mounted on an M-4? IF so how do you like it?
  16. How does the Blueforce set up work? Any pictures of it on an M-4 with the standard stock?
  17. The gun with the issues worked flawlessly until the extension was installed. Someone mentioned the spring may be twisted. I am going to sugguest he check the spring for any signs of twisting or being bound up. Im sure its probably something simple like that. The M-4 is one sweet shooting gun. I liked my M-1 super 90, but love this M-4!!
  18. Recently several officers on My dept purchased new M-4's We also purchased the 2 round extension tubes. Are these tubes supposed to come with a longer spring? since the addition of the extenstion ,one of the guns will not feed shells reliably. Calls to benelli give different anwsers. One person says it should have a longer spring, another Customer service rep says it doesnt? A new spring was sent out but its marked M-1/M-3. any help is appreciated. My gun seems to work fine with the standard spring and extension.
  19. what type sling is on your M-4?
  20. I am looking for one to use with the standard pistol grip stock,not the telescoping stock. I am not a big fan of the collapsible.
  21. Does anybody know of a manufacturer that makes a single poiny sling mount for the M-4? I would like to be able to use my sigle pomnt bungee sling like what on my AR15
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