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  1. Pistol grip sold to Tracy. thanks! Item 1 still left, this stock has the raised rubber chek piece, these are just a joy to shoot. Dave
  2. Not sure why you would want to compare the two loads. The Hevi-shot #2's will have knock down power of steel BB's & BBB's. What you may want to compare is Hevi-shot#4's this would be a good comparision. My 2 cents, if your not on some blasting mission, go with the hevi-shot. I am Goose hunting in the morning, will have Hevi-shot in, and expect to have my two bird limit on the first volley. Dave
  3. I think the Mojo is the best hunting tool out. We have been using it in fields this year just awesome........also on water too, hunting in the midwest. Also here is a story from Manitoba last year.We set up on this field for ducks, big decoy spread, with three Mojo's running. The ducks did not show up until 9am. Once the first shot was fired, it took 45 minutes for us to put a limit of 48 ducks on the ground. This also included everyone coming out of their blinds for a full bird count, and then calling shots for the last 6. Dave
  4. Barrel sold.........Thanks Darren. Dave
  5. Hi Bruce, Choke tubes in my opinion DO NOT reduce felt recoil. Now about tubes for pattern. If you are trying to put more shot 8 or 7 1/2 on your trap or clays targets then a extended choke may help this. In a hunting load, most pattern experts will tell you an extended choke makes no difference, the difference in pattern has much more to do with the size of the tube. If you want to reduce felt recoil get some weight in the back of your stock, I have a M-1 and in my opinion way too light. I have the stock loaded with lead. Dave Lower dram charge, Lower shot charge, heavier gun are th
  6. Ok here is a few extras forsale: 1. Composite black stock for Benelli M-1/M-3 With recoil Pad , Part # 80045 This stock has the Benelli High rubber soft top [3/4" attached], Part#81044p $125 shipped.This stock is in very good condition. [great for raising poi] 2. Composite Black Pistol Grip Stock M-1/M-3 with Recoil Pad Part # 80046 This stock is new in the box. $100 shipped. 3. 21 inch Barrel for the M-1. Part # 80004 This will ONLY fit the M-1. [per benelli] This barrel has a vent rib, accepts choke tubes, and has mid and front bead. $235 shipped. This barrel is refered to as
  7. 39 people viewing, and no one knows??? This extra barrel I have for the M-1??? Will it fit others??? Thanks in advance Dave
  8. Hi just bought an M-1 90 H&K version, as far as I know all of the M-1's are the same stock wise. I would sell my pistol grip, for $125 shipped. It is new in the box. email me at [email protected] Thanks Dave
  9. I just bought a M-1 with extra stocks, I would have both of what you would need, I have a brand new Pistol Grip, and a like new benelli stock with the 3/4" raised rubber cheek protector, both have recoil pads. I would sell both for $225 shipped. email if interested [email protected] Thanks Dave
  10. I have an extra stock for your gun. I got three with my M-1. It is factory benelli with about a 3/4 inch rubber comb. Great shape $125 shipped. email if interested [email protected] Dave
  11. I just bought a M-1 that has an extra Barrel. It is raised rib 20" and will take choke tubes.I am going to sell this barrel and want to know if it fits other model's? I also have two other extra Benelli Stocks one pistol grip and a standard with a raised 1" pad. Do I understand correctly that these will fit my M-1 and the M-3??? Thanks Dave
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