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  1. OK give me one and I will
  2. Oh they`re here, they just know where they`re safe, and with ABSOLUTELY no weather to move them............ Looks like weather next week, not that it will help me any Decided to try again anyway since it`s the last week for us.....and was rewarded!!!!!!
  3. You don`t shoot a .22 or a light target arrow at deer do you? 3.5" all the way! Puts the CRUSH on those BIG geese.
  4. Nice geese!!! Man those two are the big bombers very nice We got one last saturday.....wish I was out there today instead of working
  5. Really lovin the non-comfortec stock I know they`re not waterfowl but they were taken in the marsh...........
  6. dukaddict


    I have 4 pack bags for my bigfoots they are made of pvc coated nylon. Never had a problem with mildew. They dry overnight in the garage. I have these with zippered lids so I can pack them with bases attached....... http://www.customdecoybags.com/goosebags.html but I couldn`t get her order form to work just now and if you google search looks like she`s been having some troubles/terrible reviews? Too bad, best bags out there imo. I had no problems with my orders, but that was a few years ago. I bought her bags as I could afford them and chose hers because the slot size is 11x16x26 They have been awsome bags! I did punch holes in the bottom so they could drain. Measure your dekes and check the slot sizes on the bags before you order them. I like the Rogers ones with the drawstring cover. Looks like they have 11x18x23 slots on the "bigfoot" bags http://www.rogerssportinggoods.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=110&product_id=3080 I think if you put them in a mesh type duck decoy bag they`re going to get thrashed pretty quick. I remember some bags had mesh bottoms when I was researching but that wouldn`t work for me they`d be destroyed in no time. Good luck those are some nice decoys!
  7. Maybe if I took better care of it I wouldn`t have ruined it Anytime you want me to "test" some of your gear/guns feel free to send them my way
  8. Since this is a "pictures" thread and they will be used in the upcoming 2011 season........ Got these Friday any idea how to cook them? Is it goose season yet?!?!?!?!?!?!?!????
  9. I remember several reviews on the Final Approach -floaters- leaking. I went with the GHG floaters but may add 4 Big Foots too. As for the wire bases... You could say I`m hard on stuff. If it can be bent, I will bend it. If it can be broken, I will break it. I try to be carefull I really do..... Bent two wire bases last year when a bag fell out of my cart, was able to straighten them out. Broke several this year closing the tailgate on my truck. The little pins keep coming out and finally the plastic part on the decoy itself broke for good. They`re still usable, they just stand lower, they won`t stay raised up any more ever again. I did break a foot mount on the bigfoot but glued it back in that night. Good to go. Only had two days they blew over, was able to mash them down into the mud (carefully ) one day and find some T-posts to lay across the feet on another day. Was thinking about drilling a hole in the base and putting tent stakes in the bags........ It just seems since I added full body`s and layouts my truck gets smaller and smaller and sometimes I don`t get the configuration just right at the end of the day and end up mashing the tailgate closed with brute force. Got tired of pulling them out of the bag and find out they got bent....again. Not the decoys fault.
  10. Rogers has a good deal going on those http://store.rogerssportinggoods.com/servlet/-strse-903/final-approach-decoys-last/Detail I seriously considered them and the Hardcore dekes http://store.rogerssportinggoods.com/servlet/-strse-1203/Hard-Core-Feeding%2C-Canada/Detail but no more wire bases for this kid not even at 6 for the price of 4 Bigfoots The first place I ever saw full body dekes work their magic was at Lower Klamath. Great pics I miss it already....sigh
  11. Butt, butt, butt it says "Benelli" on it! and it pops right into the stock! and I`m sure it`s not going to pop right out when I`m busting tules chasin wild roosters! and it doesn`t have that nice hard ridge that hits me in the collarbone everytime I touch off a 3 1/2" I`ll try to get used to shooting without the "offset" the Gel Pad that has been in the case since I tried shooting it has, I can only hope I`ll be ok. But seriously, I kind of like the way it mounts up to my shoulder. I`m going to try a few rounds with it on before I SCREW my Limbsaver back in.
  12. Nice, MODB was my second choice You wouldn`t want it anyway, I`m pretty hard on stuff and it`s kind of ratty lookin.....what with the missing chunks of rubber and all
  13. just in case anyone else ever wants to do this and does a search........
  14. and problem solved......... bye bye comfortech
  15. Shared a blind with a guy shooting a 24" barrel, he shot it well and killed ducks just as dead and just as far as everyone else. Bought a 26" and just felt like it swung too fast for me, traded it for a 28" and am very happy. I use it for everything from quail to pheasants and honkers. My brother hunts with a 26" and loves it. I really feel it comes down to personal preference and what you feel confident shooting.
  16. Go handle both and get the one you like best Love my SBE II
  17. I think you`re right about that, believe they started in Oregon. All I know is they work! From a distance they look just like the real geese do. The shells stay at home now, I`d rather sit on 8 Bigfoots than 3 dozen shells. The Retracta Bases on my other brand full body decoys broke this year I have 4 feeders (Canada Goose) should be here tomorrow. I`m set for next season Nothin but Bigfoots for me from now on! Nice birds way to end it! Thanks again for all the pics I love duck porn Good lookin dog too!!!!!
  18. Alrighty then plenty of tactical stocks out there. It took a couple of weeks and the first deal fell through but I found another Non Comfortech Standard Max 4 stock for $169 Anyone interested in a worn-in Comfortech stock.....Max 4?
  19. dukaddict

    SBE II Sling

    If you`re still looking I replaced a finisher with a Padded Super Sling http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?i=403627&pdesc=Super_Sling_Original_Padded_Super_Sling&aID=510K12&merchID=4006 towards the end of the season and LOVE it! It doesn`t slip off my shoulder when I have my coat on and both hands full -and- it`s Max-4 They`re pretty much all going to rub the camo off the end cap and the bottom mount unless there`s something out there I don`t know about. Sucks but it`s a hunting gun.........
  20. Well, 1st deal fell through, guy advertised something he didn`t have Found another one though and it`s on it`s way. Non-Comfortech Standard Stock in Max 4 $169 bucks. Anyone interested in a broken-in Comfortech stock?
  21. wow that`ll do! Friday nite and should be loading up.............is it duck season yet!!!!!!!! Oh well, got one more layout to grass up then put away for what always seems like forever. already got the other layouts and the dekes stowed..... :( thanks for pics
  22. Yes sir! Very nice! Love those full plumed Pins and wigeons are one of my favorites. Thousands of snows, specs and swans heading north saturday. Quite the sight to see Someday when I get some money I`d like to buy into a blind down in the Valley just to have somewhere to go the last two weeks or when it`s storming too bad to get in to our mountain spots.
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