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  1. Dunedain

    gun oil

    XCross: Non-toxic - says so on the can H&K - The Germans have been using it in on their military weapons since WWI, I think, WW2 for sure. Below is a link to a post where a guy points out that H&K even included Ballistol in the box with their new guns (post by leadpusher). http://forums.gunboards.com/showthread.php?17686-Somewhat-OT-Sources-for-Ballistol
  2. Dunedain

    gun oil

    Try Ballistol. Works great, and totally non-toxic (unlike pretty much everything else). H&K recommends this for their weapons, which says volumes.
  3. cleefurd: Hopefully after this you'll be able to make rails for other firearms, as well. It's good to have a source for *true* Picatinny rails for a variety of combat weapons.
  4. Umm, if there's no spring in the ammo tube, then the gun won't work, as the ammo won't get pushed down the tube to be loaded into the gun like it should. I suppose you could single load rounds into the chamber, but that's kind of dumb, the gun should come with a spring for it's ammo tube. I'm sure Benelli would be happy to give you a spring, as somehow that gun didn't come with one. Maybe your dealer will have to contact them for you, not sure how that would work.
  5. Ah, I assume you went to a real doctor to get that taken care of? It's not the sort of thing you want to fix yourself. You might even want to have a hand specialist look at it, as the last thing you want is something that has a long-term negative affect on your hand. By the way, nice titanium shotgun tubes you make.
  6. shotgunNoob: I asked the sales rep about that, and apparently some of the Nordic tubes do have the lettering and some do not, it just depends on how they make that batch of them. But both makes of tube I'm sure are of high quality. I almost got the Nordic tube, but when I saw that I couldn't use my Benelli factory threaded nut with it, I decided to get the one from Dave's when I found out I could use the Benelli nut with it.
  7. Batman: I just got a 7 shot Benelli extension tube from Dave's, it stops just short of the end of the 18.5 inch barrel. So that would do nicely, plus, you can use the Benelli threaded nut with it for a correct factory look. If I recall correctly, the Nordic ones require you to use their threaded nut (which doesn't look like the Benelli nut) because for some reason they didn't make the threads on their tube match the Benelli nut threads.
  8. I went with the Benelli 7 shot extension tube made by Dave's Metal Works. It's steel, all black (no white lettering) and the threads work perfectly with the factory Benelli threaded nut, so it looks exactly like a Benelli factory tube. It looks great on the gun.
  9. I just like to have full capacity on my weapons, whether I end up needing it or not. Besides, you never know when you'll need it. And I have more than 1 backup weapon.
  10. Maybe this will help explain what I mean. Go to the Benelli web site and check out the special purpose shotgun category, and then look at the M2 Tactical. My gun looks exactly like that. See how the tube extends past the hand guard? That's the Benelli factory 2 shot extension tube (I'm guessing they call it that because it gives you 2 more rounds than if the tube ended right at the hand guard?). I already have that tube, which gives me a 5 round (2 3/4 inch shells) capacity in the tube. I wanted a replacement tube that adds 2 more shots than that (for a total of 7 shots in the tube) and
  11. The Remington 870 Marine Magnums are supposed to be quite nice and highly reliable. I know someone who has a Mossberg 590 with the bayonet lug, full length tube, heat shield, etc. It's a really cool gun. Any one of these should be great choices, just pick what you like. I went for what I think is the best, Benelli M1 Super 90 Defense.
  12. shotgunNoob: I noticed that the length for the Nordic +4 shot extension tube is listed as 19.518 inches. First off, I assume this is the correct tube size to take the shotgun's total tube capacity to 7 rounds of 2 3/4 inch shells, right? If it is, does that mean that this tube would stick past the end of my 18 1/2 inch barrel? I agree, I'd prefer it if they had just made them all in steel, less subject to damage that way.
  13. Thanks for the helpful replies, guys. Geneleo: Please let me know what you find on that. shotgunNoob: Thanks for the number. I'm sure Nordic tubes are well made, but I saw a picture of them and they have white lettering stenciled on them. I much prefer the original tube appearance, which is all black with no markings, I'd rather have the authentic look of an all black tube. Plus it's nice to know the whole gun is Benelli. One question. The original Benelli tubes are aluminum, if a tube was made with steel, wouldn't that cause wear on the threads in the threaded nut (the
  14. I was wondering if anyone here might know a place that still has Benelli original factory (made in Italy) 4 shot extension tubes for the M1 Super 90 Defense? This would be the tube that screws into the threaded nut at the end of the hand guard that came with the gun and takes the total capacity of the tube magazine up from 5 rounds to 7 rounds of 2-3/4 inch 12 gauge shells. This tube replaces the original one and makes the tube length reach almost to the end of the barrel (I think the barrel is 18.5 inches). If no dealer has them in stock any more, perhaps someone here might have a new on
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