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  1. When I first started duck hunting I was using a 24" barrel and did ok with it on ducks as far as pass shooting, but could not kill a goose to save my life (maybe shooter error) I then went to a 28" barrel gold hunter and was able to shoot them geese. When I bought my SBEII in 28" I like the feel of the swing since this is alot lighter than my Gold 28", I guess it is what feels good to you. I have a cousin that bought a 30" 1187 and he likes it.
  2. MRgeese

    SBE II

    If you remove the end cap that holds the barrel on, look in the center of the retaining ring and you should see a red plastic piece. that will be your plug. mine was already in the mag when I bought it.
  3. I have seen on the Falling skies video's that Jeff Foiles wraps his finger.
  4. I have been using Kent fasteel for three seasons now, using 3 1/2 BBB, BB, 2's on canada geese, snow geese and ducks and it seem to be doing fine, they shoot good out of my Browning, and just as well out of my SBEII. as far as penetration I have had no trouble, in fact I have seen holes thru 12 lbs geese, and have taken one head off a goose at 20 yards.
  5. I looked at this site for some time before I bought mine, looking at all people had to say, good, bad and I will sayI am very pleased with mine, I know it can go in the lake get covered with muck, weeds and it fired all three rounds with no problems, just dont let it happen under the freezing point.
  6. Oh I know, that water was an eye opener:eek:. my buddy asked if I wanted to go in and I told him no, the hunting was too good the morning before.(but the lake was not froze over the day before either) but after 2 hrs of being chilled it was time to call it a day.
  7. I have some Lewis custom calls for duck and goose, Zink goose call, and some pollys from Buck Gardner, primos, Southern game calls. Looking at maybe a Zink duck call but not sure which one.
  8. I just bought a SBEII back in October and so far love it. I did have a problem with it firing for only about 10 min. I had to get the ice unthawed enough to get the bolt to move and firing pin to go foward to touch off the shell, (I fell in the lake and the gun followed me in, on a 19 degree morning duck hunt:eek:) Ha ha,. but I can tell you the look on my buddies face when he said (just after I climbed out of the water) lets see if the ad is right and that gun can shoot after being in the bootom of the lake, muck and weeds still on it, I pulled the trigger and fired 3 round with no problems was great (the frozen part did not happen for another 10min's), but the worst part, the only ducks that came into the decoys was while I was thawing out the gun.
  9. Sorry, I ment to say, the First time I had a problem it was cold out Below 32 deg, I went to pull the trigger and it acted as if the safety was on but I found out the bolt was not seated all the way up against the barrel. Then when I went on the snow goose hunt it was in the 50's and it was starting to do it again after 2 boxes of shells, cleaned and tryed again the next day when temps were mid 30's did it again. only after the first 3 round. So that night I got online and found the Benelli web site and found in FAQ were they do not recommend dry lube. I switched to breakfree and during our early goose season I had no problems. but bought the SBEII just before duck season. have not shot the Browning since.
  10. I was using it on all moving parts (bolt) and had problems after it was cold out and firing a few rounds, the bolt would not seat all the way. next time I went to pull the trigger it acted as if the safety was on. I could push it closed and fire one shot at a time. I am not sure if it had to do with the heat build of of shooting so much during the spring snow goose season that turned the dry lube into a sticky lube or not. but I did have it happen during warmer weather also, Since I bought My SBEII have not shot the Browning much but I have not had a problem as of yet.
  11. I like the pictures, I tryed to post some pic's but having problems. I am new to this and cant figure out how to put pic's on. any help would be great.
  12. I started to use breakfree this season and so far I like it. I will not use one shot dry lube again, I guess the name say's it all. 1 shot.
  13. Just wanted to say hello and tell my little story. I have owned my SBEII for just over a month, I have not had any problems as of yet, I have read this forum for 9 to 10 months, while I was looking at buying a new SBEII since I had problems with my other shotgun during the last 2 snow goose hunts I went on. I see where everybody has different things to say about their guns, and I had mixed feelings spending that much cash on a shotgun that may have the same problem as the one I already have, But as of this post I am very pleased with the gun, have only shot maybe 3 to 4 boxes of 3.5's thru it with out any problems. Can anybody tell me how a kicks highflyer works with Kent Fasteel from BBB to #2's. Thank you.
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