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  1. If you are trying to hide money from the wife for duck hunting gear good luck... It will cost you a good bit to get into duck hunting.. Hunting supplies add up quick...
  2. I have never had an issue with mine shooting 7/8oz or 1oz.
  3. Does anyone know if benelli dealers are taking deposits for these guns?
  4. They are great. I love all the accessories that they have such as the hand warmers...
  5. I was saying that because i think it is stupid if you knock a cob off of standing corn it is illegal to hunt.. So get off may back know it all. Well you think you do anyway....
  6. tuckpad i was just stating the laws and you can go from there.. I have been on forums for atleast 10 years when the refuge opened in 98 so i know what the **** goes on. Big Boy....
  7. Wow that is a long time since the ll just came out in 05
  8. Yeah thats not a hard one to figure out SBE ll the only one made by Benelli that is for you specs....
  9. I have had a 24" SBE and I loved it for the timber... I did not real like it for the field hunting... I think the 26'' is the all around best lenth.....
  10. It is perfectly legal to hunt a flooded corn field. If you in anyway knock a cob off the standing corn that is considered altering the field. If you ride you ranger or 4wheeler over the stalks this is also altering the field. If you cut the field with a combine and leave the gates open and all the corn comes out the back of the combine it is legal. Since it was a legal agriculure practice.
  11. ducman77

    benelli email

    Does anyone have the email address to benelli?
  12. ducman77

    what is wrong

    I was hunting the other day and my last shot of the day had more than shells eject out. 2 pieces of metal and a spring came out. Can some tell me what and where these pieces came from... the pieces were about 2 inches long each and the spring about the same length. I looking and i could still see one spring on the trigger mechanism. I sent the gun back to benelli but the person I talked to said she did not really know what the problem was with the gun... thanks in advance
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