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  1. So-so much depends on the child, so-so much depends on the parents, so-so much then depends on the other kids the child hangs with... {most of the time about 50%-80% is the influence from their little friends}. If you really could tell what a kid was thinking all the time, or even get a grasp on what they truly understand, from what you think you just taught them........ you should be a teacher or a psychic {kid whisperer?} I have taught firearms to both Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts , and even a few Marine recruits. Kids do all kinds of things that can be pretty strange with a weapon---- toy or otherwise. There is a lot to learn and failure can be a high price. Well-- I will firmly stick to my assertion that a progression of training starting with an Airsoft, then a BB/pellet , then a real gun will work very well to train a child as they grow into guns. It works, and the degree of foul ups are slowly learned on the way to more lethal weapons. Kids seem to really respond to the slow trajectory that they can actually SEE from the brightly colored plastic projectiles. It is a strange world for a Kid today , kids can do some odd stuff >>> like this for example {{PS. we spray-painted the Airsoft pistols with some sky blue paint. Not just because it shows it to be more like a toy, BUT cause the kids kept loosing the black ones in the tall weeds. Blue paint helps in finding them! Kids will be kids.}}
  2. Airsoft guns for a 10 year old are great. I do agree they could look a little more like toys, versus the tactical look! But the parent/adult that buys them seem to be the marketforce for the manufacturer and the seller. Giving a 10 year old a pellet gun, or a real gun, FIRST and you are asking for trouble. Kids will be kids; and it is usually the good kids' friends who mess with the wrong gun. Unless you have 24/7 supervision of the kid and their friends they hang with, why on earth would you give em' a real gun first? If the kid can't safely handle an Airsoft, then they sure don't need anything more lethal. I have instructed at least 5 kids using airsoft pistols. I trained them as if the gun "were" real. I also trained them to shoot at a target in a pond (I know shooting a real gun in water is a NO-NO...and I told the kids this, but airsoft water shooting really tells the kids a lot about their aim.) Get an airsoft , when they grow out of it , then move up to a pellet/BB.
  3. Mr Slugo

    Help Please

    Figure 8, can also be seen like a "Snowman". The front bead {near the muzzle end} is the Snowmans' top half. The middle bead is the Snowmans' bottom half. When you look down your shotguns rib, the snowman should be put together correctly. Top half (front bead) above the bottom half (mid bead).
  4. The young dude is in luck. Maryland Municipal Code sec 152.87n par. 5 allows for strict interpretation of the subsequent code of the bushido. Since he may claim that he was defending the castle of his master ,and thus the honor of any virtuous maidens held within; he is exempt from punishment by the shogun of the emperor. But if it is found his deed of bravery was not admirable.... well then, it's seppuku for the dude.
  5. Ooooh, I know what that is! It is a Straw Man Argument. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man Dumbduck invents some reply to a comment that was never made here, then boldly refutes it with fallacy (B.llS..t) Since a man from Texas told me to read my history ...here is a historical fact fer you. >>> this guy (the one with the towel on his head) is a Saudi prince. 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 were HIS subjects. Now since this arab guy has a lot of money ($ and oil $) , well Dumbduck, maybe you can figure out the rest ......... TokenWhiteMale: spoken like a true tea bagger with the gusto of Rush dittohead! Where'd you get your Percocet scrip?
  6. "There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." ~ President George W. Bush, 2002 now its a time to go ponder some deep thoughts:p
  7. Then sir, that is exactly the way a respectable black man duly elected to the Office of the President Of The United States should be treated. Respectfully agreed with. Or respectfully dis-agreed with. Keep up the respect, and you will make me proud to say that you are a righteous fellow American and a gentleman.
  8. Oh, so that is the reason. And just how would you treat a 'respectable black'?
  9. texas >> on der topic of relative 'intelligence'; thankie for the lessons (by yous example) on grammer and punctooation ! it shurin is a heap eezier not havin' to hit the shift key! i will now tries it. well i took yous advice and reads my history book and lookie what i find; didin' you know that states like texas were a slave states? even found out that the republic of texas (tejas?) was based on keeping black men, women, and children as imprisoned slaves to work for their master texans (massa?) . the slave state continued when texas joined the confederacy an only ended by the yankee defeat of the whole south! since that time, to present, there are many who hate blacks and the federal government in the south, these race & gumbermint haters' are collectively (luvin'ly) referred to as 'rednecks'. thankee much on the advice to read the history. you is keepin us infromed . it surin' explains a lot about the feelings afor the black president today. oops..gotta go now, glenn beck is on the fox news and is gonna tell us what to think {and do}, see ya at the next 9-12ver teabaggin' meeting!
  10. Liars !!!! .... Liars !!!..... YOU ---- YOU ----- Socialist Commie's ain't a gonna git my Grandma with your Liberal death squads !!!...... No brainwashin' our children afore they gets their G.E.D.s and their very own double-wides .... Wheeeew. The above rant was directed at no one on this Forum. It was merely my morning teabagging exercise. Gosh, it felt so good to git things offin' my chest (and away from the voices in my head:D). Now, please continue. I believe some of you were engaged in an incomprehensible conspiracy based on rage and hatred of a black American President? Carry on ........... with your delusions.
  11. I come back, and y'all already lost me. Why use butter instead of toilet paper? Is it a Texas thing, the rest of us just wouldn't understand?
  12. A cornsprisee birther blog from a Canadian website? But, why do they hate America so much? Aren't their any Black people in Canada, or do they want us to follow their Queen? I'd love to chat a bit longer but I gots' to go get my Oxycontin and teabags ready for the next townhall meeting. Hey Verna, gets' me my I tacticol tools, I seez me an intruder.......... OOOPs, NSFW
  13. Mr Slugo


    Nice boat and motor! I have a 14' Jon boat that has a V-Twin 23hp Briggs longtail . I use float pods on the back to raise the rear. In nearby Illinois, the early-season goose hunt is scheduled for Sept. 1-15, while the teal season is Sept. 5-20. Good luck...
  14. Geeeee... I just got my Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt and I think it is great to wear to attrack wolves (and eagles). Check out the other customer reviews before you wear one hunting: http://www.amazon.com/Mountain-Mens-Three-Short-Sleeve/dp/B002HJ377A I wonder , how does wolf taste? Let us know if you BBQ it. NSFW video here >>>http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/af0f3d657d/grill-that-wolf
  15. Leave your choke alone. 17 out of 25 is very good for a beginner. Why mess with success? If you play SC on that same course again, best thing to watch for is HOW you are breaking the clays with your existing choke(s) and ammo . In general, in general, in general new guys try to "open up" a bit (like Novaking said) to LM or IC. BUT every gun is as different as every shooter (also I'm assuming your shooting single barrel 12gauge auto??) Don't change your choke setting until you have shot the game more, and especially till you try different ammunition. Your IM choke may be the same pattern as some other guys LM choke (in his gun). Don't mess with success , yet .... too early to change anything. Work on another 17/25 , and then another, with what you have now. You will learn a lot. (PS.... Sporting Clay ranges are usually 50 to 100 shot courses, you have plenty of time to know what choke to use.)
  16. BigHat; I say, let it run its course. It's the season for all gun Forums to get infected with wanna be tactical Rambos. I think a few of these folk should have their own Benelli Forum section to discuss how they should 'waste' intruders, read comic books in Mom's basement, and play shooter video games after midnight.
  17. Yep. That I will agree to. tucker301: Me too, mutant zombie ducks have been running wild in neighborhood. What load should I use on psychotic-radioactive-super-intelligent ducks from the planet Krypton? I wouldn't want a faulty belief system to keep me from baggin' my limit:D.
  18. Only one war. USMC. {semper fi ,bro's}, and that was a brief and confusing time. I honestly can't say that I desire to "supersede" that number, perhaps you have? If so , I say Bully to You Sir for your courage and determination! If you haven't; then here is the "Fast As Lightning" award for brilliant GI Joe posing >>>http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii62/nomoh2o/little%20piccies/fastaslightning.jpg Well , what is it ? You giving advice on what you think should be done , or have you really done it? Inquiring minds want to know.
  19. I give up ..... alright ... go ahead and send someone to fetch a child of five to explain it.
  20. Hummm... the virgin expertise on this forum is showing. It was a parody on vapid video posers who pretend to know a lot about shooting & killing and .... oh , well... never mind. I hope and pray our judgment on what (or whoever) to shoot at is better than some of the advice I have seen in this thread. "A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five." quote from Groucho Marx. {the afore mentioned is just an applicable quote, please do not attempt to get a child of five to reply to this!}
  21. For any idiots out there who still think that life is just like a video game with a shotgun ..... http://www.theonion.com/content/video/hot_new_video_game_consists?utm_source=videoembed ♠
  22. Sorry,♠ that's your opinion based on your limited experience with your friends gun. My observations are somewhat different with name brand ammos , especially Winchester ammo. I have seen thousands of Winchester rounds thru 1100's as the Rem 1100 were once a favored choice for local league shooters (before sub-gage tubing, and preference for break-opens). I also have shot at a local Gun Club and see these guys (my neighbors) shoot Winchester ammo quite well http://www.lindenwood.edu/athletics/trap_skeet/team_photo.asp . In the summer months I have shot here http://dnr.state.il.us/worldshooting/ and have heard very little complaints on Winchester AA ammo. I stick to what I said earlier. Good Winchester AA target , or equally good Remington STS is quality ammo, so is Federal. BUT , there is the promo stuff (as I also mentioned). The promo's are made for price point (Walmart) and are not the higher quality ammo that devoted trap/skeet/sporting guns often needs. Winchester promos' are Super-Target, Remington are Gun Club, Federal is Estate. Promos (in general) are relatively dirtier powder, brass not as spec'ed, hulls are not well shaped or materialed: just not toleranced as well as the finer ammos. Will they work, yeah in most guns they work fine, in some guns excellent . But some guns don't like hull shreds at all, nor do some care for hard primers, or dirty powder. Other guns eat promos like a fat kid with a bag of cheeseburgers.
  23. +1 on what timb99 said. Keep your Rem 1100 stock to keep its value. Do not alter the barrel. Full choke 1100 for a beginner on trap is not that hard to get used to. It will make you a better shooter. Many old-time trap shooters started out with the Rem. 1100 fixed Full. Shell catcher might be a good bargain investment. Get a maintenance kit to keep it tuned. Only use good name brand ammunition (I recommend Win AA 129 Lite #9 to start trap shooting: or Remington STS121 to STS12L #9: cheaper promo ammo may give you a dirty experience that is best to avoid when trying a new sport) For Sporting Clays: try fun-shooting your Supernova pump shotgun to get used to it for hunting season. You will have the gun, why not try it? IM, M, to IC chokes should be OK to experiment SportClays in that gun. Sporting Clays will be more interesting with your new pump:D. Likely your score will not be too high as you will naturally be a bit awkward "pumping", but your field hunting skills will get better as you know that pump gun better. Cabelas, Bass Pro, etc sell new factory replacement 1100 barrels for about $230 (cheaper on sale and gunbroker ). I would wait until you have a real desire to shoot the game of Skeet before spending xtra money on a new 1100 barrel. Don't throw money at the gun unless your sure of what you want from it. Your new pump and your fixed choke 1100 will get you started NOW at Trap & Sporting Clays. Remington 1100's are so popular that there is tons of stuff out there to buy for them. For more in depth info on Rem. 1100, I recommend this site for the real experts, lots of real "experience" there! (go down page to Remington Lovers section, good tips on how to make your 1100 last forever) http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/index.php
  24. Wow, It's a point counter point (without much of a counter....) Yeah , that's what I was saying, duh! And I still say no one gun does it all equally. Not even the M2, and I believe the OP was talking "new" guns. On the inertial "difference" , well besides things like the Benelli bump , some shooters do feel an action 'clunk' that is more pronounced in inertial style guns. It doesn't bother me, but I have shot with guys on sporting clays double shots that initially found it quite distracting. Not on singles trap. Single barrel dedicated trap guns seem to dominate the winners circle. Does anyone on this Forum speak from first hand experience that this is a proven fact? Few people have had such practical knowledge. It is quite disturbing to the normal person; but common B.S. cherry talk among video gamers and mall ninjas. The current scuttlebut chatter among the waterfowl hunters where I live, here on the Mississippi flyway, is about the waterfowl getting too used to being shot at by the time they get here: and used to being drawn-in by the numerous robo-ducks and robo-calls. The current mystical efforts to take more birds are evolving at longer range shots, cause the birds don't seem to work in as close to the blinds as they used to. Thus deeper penetrating hits on the thicker feathered "wise birds" equals more kills. 2-3/4" ammo won't usually do that. But that's just the current hunting chatter. Sure, maybe, but shooting a dirty gun isn't really my style. As the military taught me, I clean all my guns before I put them away. I learn a lot about the gun each time I clean it. Each time I clean I look for wear patterns, I check the quality of the ammo by fouling and hull plastic shreds, all kinds of stuff. I don't buy a shotgun cause some salesman tells me I don't need to clean it as much. Filthy gun is a filthy gun. I'm sure people don't really need to put on clean underwear everyday. I do, and find it preferable to wearing skid marks.
  25. None will. That's is exactly why the more experienced folk on this Forum will likely have more than one shotgun. Salesmen and Corporate hype will try and tell you that the gun you buy will do everything from waterfowl to light clay shoots .... Yeah , it will do it, but it will NOT do it all equally well over time. And experience = time spent with shotguns. That said, general good guns to get you started on the journey of clay to waterfowl (around $1000) are the ones mentioned. Pumps are for lower budget minded folk used to operating the two handed pump style. Not popular on clay ranges unless the shooter is really tuned into them. Semi-Autos are the guns for $1000 prices, break-open shotgun quality starts at $1K. From your experience and love of the Remington 1100, then #1 to look at would be Rem 11-87 Sportsman. That 1100 series is a true classic, all guns have certain quirks, those Remingtons' have a cult like following with more far more love than complaints for many, many years. Benelli M2 is good choice, but hard to find one new for $1K. More like $1.3K+ . Seems like most folk who own them love it and it has a super-faithful following of Field gunners. The inertial action does have a unique feel and some gas gunners take a bit of getting used to it. Win. SX3 3" w/synthetic is a very good shooting gun for clays to waterfowl, you can find it right on $1K, but if you don't like the fit it is not for you (but you do know the SX3 has adjustments to customize the stock fit?) Good gun for the money. Beretta Al391 Urika is a much loved gas gun series. Price is about 1K and quality is high. My personal favorite for 1K price range, but mostly because it fits my body frame well. A 2-3/4" & 3" capable gun is the general trend nowadays, and lighter, softer recoil is the goal. BUT you can't have it all. Lighter guns carry well and "feel" great in the store, but can kick you harder on felt recoil with heavy hunting loads or long days on the clays range. You can NOT defy the laws of Physics (although sales hype tries!). 3-1/2" chambered guns are still very popular on the waterfowl flyways and extended open seasons on snow geese are keeping them popular. Waterfowl guys using steel shot are real stuck on 3" to 3-1/2" ammo, it will be hard to convince your hunting buddies that a 2-3/4" round was not the reason for a missed duck. I use a 3-1/2" for turkey, but a 3" and better hunting practice (patience) is A-OK for most hunters, terrain can be the main reason for a 3-1/2" load. If you don't need heavy loads for most of your use, a 2-3/4" gun will shoot easier on the clays range and will always be in the "rules". On gun cleaning. Well only whimps whine about cleaning their shotgun. Cleaning is a ritual of inspection and care for your gun. You will get used to any shotgun and how to easily clean it; if it is yours.
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