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  1. I'm looking to trade my Benelli M4 in Desert Camo. Gun is in stock configuration (5+1+1) with standard pistol grip stock. Round count is less than 200. I live in Virginia, but would be willing to work out an FFL to FFL transaction. Things I'm interested in: S&W revolvers, AR pistols, .308 semi's, and Colt products. Low-ball offers will be ignored. If interested email me at: tuckergrass(at)yahoo.com
  2. That's a good question. I have an SBE, and I want an M2. I can't say anything bad about the SBEs, I've been very pleased with mine. And it has 'converted' a few Remington and Beretta folks as well. I'd get the SBE II, just in case you ever decide you want to shoot 3.5 in. shells. You can add the M2 later if you wish.
  3. Yes, the Benelli camo paint is somewhat lacking...My M4 came (new) with several chips in the paint. Which resulted in a lower price at the gun shop (yes...despite it's popularity, the M4 is just like any other gun). It takes away from the value of your gun, but not the function. And short of a 're-dip', there is no good cure.
  4. How old does a kid have to be to buy one of those? They look real enough to get somebody killed or cause a panic (with a little black tape or paint). You ought to have to be old enough to buy the real thing to get one of those.
  5. Scratches (down to the metal) are going to be hard to cover...and whatever 're-blue' you manage to put on it will most likely not match. That has been my experience (with all guns). Hopefully, somebody will have a product/idea that works.
  6. I see them every time I go in Gander Mountain....you may check there if you live close to one.
  7. I've never owned a Mossberg, so I can't really say for sure. And I don't want to offend anybody, by bashing them...But if it were me I would keep the Benelli. Just in case. Besides, if you don't NEED the money, your Benelli will most likey hold value better than the M'berg...you can always sell it later. **Most every gun that I have sold, I wish I would have kept...it's hard to do good on a gun sale if the model or a new version is still in production. People would just as soon have a new one, for a little more $$
  8. Mine didn't like birdshot at first either, but I just rattled off a few rounds of 7 and 1/2 s the other day without a problem (I have less than 200 rounds through mine). Yours is probably just a little new and stiff...do as the others said with the oil and leaning into it and it should resolve itself....
  9. Nope. Already own one....oh, and no that's not a deal. It's probably a fair price, but by no means a deal.
  10. +1 If you are looking to buy one, Gander Mountain and Cabelas (I think) carry them. As do local gun shops, if you call around you can find one within a reasonable drive. But the M4 is a semi-hard gun to find, and there is no such thing as a 'deal' on one. The Ferrari analogy is quite correct...few people NEED one, most just want one.
  11. I'd get a used SBE I. If you're patient, you should be able to find one for about $700. I'd rather have a used Benelli then a new one of the other brands you listed.
  12. I carry and use plugs with mine...even when I hunt. But I've had a buddy manage to get a shot off with it, before I had my plug in correctly...and it was pretty bad.
  13. Is a muzzle break on a shotgun as brutal on the ears, as a break on a rifle? If so, I think I'd have to pass. I have a .300 win. mag. that has a break and it's miserable to shoot without hearing protection.
  14. I agree, all shotguns shoot different, that's the beauty of them...they're like snowflakes.
  15. Lawndart

    memorial day

    Thanks to all those who serve or who have served....if it weren't for them we wouldn't be speaking english or talking about our guns.
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