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  1. I got it!!!! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!!!
  2. I know i started this post some time ago but come on guys i know you have pics of your tactical shotguns. I think these things are great and some of your guys are doing wicked mods so lets see them!!!
  3. well got to hold the vinci yesterday at bass pro..... have to say that i got myself all jazzed up for notta. i shouldered the thing and i thought it was a little unbalanced. it was light but i think my browning A5 is just as light. i told myself i couldnt live without one but i think i will actually have to put some rounds through it before i make a purchase.
  4. i thought these things were treated. thats news to me!
  5. if your looking for a great call for not alot of money check into the whole line of Quackhead calls. i have 3 and personally love them.
  6. what all goodies does the marine model come with for combat?
  7. i have a buddy i hunt with that has "MEAT STICK" on his barrel! not for me but to each his own i guess. i dont know if i would go putting a sticker on my pretty new Vinci though. hey its your gun rock it out little man.
  8. oh ya we do the jerky thing alot...mostly with deer though. this year on suggestion from my girlfriend did up some duck jerky and it was fantastic!! we didnt mix it up with any other kind of meat just cut it up thin and let it soak in a host of differnt things. thry this one guys its good eats!
  9. i bought a 935 a month or so ago and love it. i bought it as a back up gun but it may come to be i use it more than my others it handles really nice. a little heavy but it shoulders good and it shoots 3 1/2 which is a plus if your goose hunting!
  10. munger i checked those sites out saw your had got rid of your benelli finally .....im sure your sad to see it go but hey good luck on the bar!!!
  11. i wish i could get my hands on one just to get a feel for it!! there is not a one in the tulsa area to even look at!! i dont have the money for one right this minute but im saving for it. i have it on my computer as the screen saver is as close as ive got to one. lol
  12. munger...some of those web sites are sick. some of those guys are waiting on the next civil war to break out!!!!lol my girlfriend was like "why do people need that many guns???" thanks for the links!!
  13. Meprolight makes one called the Tru-Dot part number is ml-34302 runs like 75 - 85 bucks. meprolight.com check it out
  14. i would love to see some pics of your guys tactical benellis! I have never been much on having a shotty just for home defense but ever since i have been in this forum i have read so much on them and seen some cool guns i am thinking i might just be getting the itch for one. thanks guys
  15. i love it!!!!!! you guys are hard core funny!! i wake up everyday check this bad boy out and without fail something puts a smile on my face!!!
  16. stop rubbing it in!!!!! i cant wait to get my hands on one!!!!!
  17. i shoot rem nitro steel almost exclusively. i thought about trying the blackcloud but the difference in price is crazy. i dont know if the performance could be all that much better to justify the difference in cost. may be if they cleaned the feathers off the birds too i might spring for a box and try them out!!!!
  18. i shoot both and to tell you the truth i really cant tell the difference. when hunting geese i load a 3 in the chamber a 3 the first shot coming out of the tube and a 3 1/2 the last shot just 4 the little bit more distance if needed. the guys i hunt with laugh at me but i find it to be a good way to get the meat to the table .. if you know what i mean. btw you can tell the difference in the kick with the last shot though. i really dont know if i would want to shoot 3 1/2 all the time!
  19. ya i do them alot on the grill ...love them wrapped in bacon w/ some jap. peppers. i also fry them alot sliced thin and pounded flat kinda like chicken fried steaks w/ wht gravy! keep them coming guys it would be nice to do something different that my people will eat. i mean my brother and dad will pick up a deer of the road and eat it but wont eat a duck to save there lives!!
  20. hey guys just thought i would get some of your ideas on how to prepare duck? i hunt with my dad and brother and needless to say neither one of these two jokers eat duck. i am the only one and i get stuck with all the kills from the season. i end up giving alot of it away to friends and family but i thought if i found out a few more ways to cook it they might start eating it!!!! so if you got any ideas let me know!!!!??? thanks
  21. i checked out the nitro web page!!!! they are expensive like you said but man do they ever put in the time to get you the right shot and choke for your gun.... to cool!!! i dont turkey hunt alot but i wouldnt mind throwing a few duck loads out of mine to see how they are!!! you turkey guys can send in your gun and they will make you a custom load and choke combo for 325 bucks!!! then they send it back with five shells!!! that could be five birds down if you trust thier patterning!!!
  22. colby caughron


    i dont know i like it!!!! pretty cool design!! just have to give it some time and see how it performs out here in the real world!! sure wouldnt mind getting my hands on one and running a few boxes thru it!!!
  23. i am liking it! the coolest thing i have ever seen in shotguns! cant wait to get my hands on one see how she handles!!
  24. ya you can hunt them here (oklahoma)but they are only found in the panhandle which is like 3 1/2 hours from me!!! they are here by the hundreds of thousands at great salt plains refuge. needless to say i have never had the chance to hunt there. i must say that is one cool loooking bird though!
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