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  1. One question about 922r and import compliance laws that I haven't seen answered (and it may be that the BAFT doesn't know the answer) is: It is legal to replace a foreign part with a US made part if the total after reassmbly is still over the 10-imported-parts limit? Common sense would tell you that reducing the number of imported parts is compatible with the law and a good thing under the law ... But, since when has common sense been synonomous with firearms regulations? Based on the wording of the law, I think it could still be interpreted as illegal to reduce the number of imported parts if you don't get the total n number under 10, because you're still "assembling" a firearm with more than 10 imported parts. Any firearms law scholars out there?
  2. I've not been reading these forums for very long, but I can't recall anyone having any trouble with the OEM magazine follower. I think the only reason to swap it out is that its a 922r compliance part. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase (so I asume it is relatively inexpensive to produce as well) and easy to replace on the firearm. It's an "easy win."
  3. Still not seeing any in stock. Most places are taking orders; they just don't have any in stock. You could call around the places that don't show them "backordered" or "out of stock," but Impact Guns has the cheapest price on them that I've seen ($215). They don't have them in stock; but I guess if you're willing to wait, you can save $15.
  4. I've noticed that. Considering his shooting background, I'm glad (and, I'll admit, a little suprised) that he developed such a love for the M4. It seems that the only innovation being done with M4 components is by Carrier and Mesa Tactical. I've only heard good things about Kip's stuff; but mixed reviews about various Mesa stuff. I'm going with Kip's stuff over Mesa if both are offering something. Not that it would really matter what I heard about Mesa. We're both Jarheads; so I'll trust him to take care of me ... Even if he doesn't know I'm a Marine. It's a Marine thing, I guess. I know how the Marines I served with were; and I'd trust all but one of them with my life (that's neither here nor there). I'd sure as heck trust them with manufacturing my accessories.
  5. I am eager to get my CarrierComp tube as well ... It's a shame that we only have a handful of companies that are making things for the M4/M1014. Thank God for Kip. I am excited to see available the other items he's got on deck. I'm definitely someone who wants in on the improved rail and some of the other potential products that he's planned.
  6. A little something picked up in the Marine Corps.
  7. There really is one reason to go with the Nordic follower: 922r compliance. The magazine follower is a compliance part. Switch it out, and it helps to get you to the magic number which will allow you to add an imported part (like the skeleton "collapsile" stock). Change out the normal PG stock for the skeleton stock without bringing your 922r compliance parts down under 10--which, given the available US parts at this time, basically mandates that you change the follower--and you are committing a felony. I know a lot of people don't worry about a nearly uninforcable federal law; but those who have integrity actually do. Between 4+1, 6+1, and an illegal 7+1, some people choose the 6+1 option. BTW, if you put in the Nordic follower, find out you hate it, and then put the factory follower back in; you are probably committing a crime. Cheers!
  8. Hook loop: https://dstactical.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=92&products_id=1460&osCsid=f3da7ca5b34525e6999c88ca365e46fa Sling loop: https://dstactical.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=92&products_id=1459&osCsid=f3da7ca5b34525e6999c88ca365e46fa From Mesa Tactical. They actually make three variaties (the two above, plus a quick disconnect type). See them here: http://www.mesatactical.com/index.php?id=60 Haven't known anybody to use one though; so I can't vouch for their quality. It isn't the ideal place for a sling mount; but they're working with a pre-existing bolt hole in the pistol grip.
  9. It's not an end-plate ... I'll see if I can find it ...
  10. Too bad ... Well, you can still get a sling that allows you to wrap webbing around the narrowest point in the stock, right behind the pistol grip. You can single-point off that. Just make sure you practice to get the right grip on the PG in a fast-draw situation to ensure that the webbing doesn't get in the way.. Or you can get a three-point sling. Or you can go with the collapsible stock, and get a single-point mounting point on that ... Which is definitely not going to be your cheapest option.
  11. Keep in mind what we're talking about here. If you're sticking this thing on a shotgun (w/ 18-inch barrel) for use with slugs, you're going to be hard-pressed to get better than 4 MOA groups to begin with. How much accuracy are you really able to lose on top of that by removing/remounting your sight? Probably not much. IMO, any properly secure mount is going to keep you within 4 MOA. If it isn't able to repeat that, it wouldn't be sold by any reputable retailer/manufacturer.
  12. Judging from the photos, the KZ is essentially the same as the GGG (maybe a little longer). It appears to be approximately the same size, and it has the same shape to the end that engages the action (i.e. it'll spin like the GGG one does). I noticed that the hardness was a little less than the GGG, but I think that it is otherwise a copy of the GGG peice ... Just made with cheaper material. I don't have extra money to throw around and buy one of each, but I don't think the KZ is any better based on my visual assessment.
  13. Umm ... Yeah. Brownells says that Design Concepts has discontinued production of the titanium charging handles for the M4. The only ones available now are the M1 charging handles. D'oh!
  14. I don't see the M80 foregrips on the SureFire site. In fact, I've only seen a few pictures of it. Most sites don't have photos, and I can't find any that list them as "in stock" (although they seem to be taking orders anyway). For that price, I'd honestly look for something else anyway. I know there aren't a lot of options for the M4 foregrips (and only two I could find which are US made for 922r compliance). But of the two US made foregrips I found, the SureFire is not the one I'd buy. The SureFire is more expensive, and the other option provides a single extended mounting platform on the top of the M4 in addition to side and bottom rails.
  15. I've got to say that it does look "tacticool" ... BUT, if you're looking for a cylinder size choke for a Benelli M4, this is one of the few options that'll come up with a quick Google search ... And one of the most inexpensive of those that come up. So "tacticool" or not, it's a practical choice.
  16. I'd very much like one of these tubes in black. E-mail on its way.
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