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  1. FS 1 color heavy paper printed copy of the US Marine Tech Manual for the M1014 shotgun. This TM covers COMPLETE take down and trouble shooting of the M4/ M1014 shotgun. Every item is shown step by step, easy to follow. Shipped price is $25 with binder. PP or MO is fine.
  2. Cheek weld with the fixed stock and the collapsable stock fully opened are just fine, however the length of pull was too long for me. I am 6' and the LOP made it unnatural. The collapsable stock shortened down to midway is PERFECT for cheek weld using optics, but is too high using iron sights for me. The mount in the pix is this one: http://www.mountsplus.com/thestore/prods/AIM-12243.html
  3. As above. Here is a pix with the short stock it sports now. This mount puts the M2/M3 Aimpoint 1/4" above the rail and the dot apprx 1" above the rail. For me it is ideal.
  4. Sells on GB. Here is the link and directions are there as well. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=139097984
  5. Thanks guys. Like I said, it was not new but with just some basic cleaning it now looks real nice. Lots of dust and a crappy painted rack number, but anyway it is tight and lets me reduce the LOP.....which was way too long with that original stock. Told my buddy when I got it..........."debt settled".
  6. Some days are better than others and this one is one of those better days. A buddy that owed me a favor came thru today with a Benelli M4 collapsable stock set. It is not new but it is in great shape and had a rack number on the cheek rest. Couple of minutes with some CLP and a air hose and now she is good to go. Before and after pix.
  7. I had a Aimpoint M2 on hand but needed the lowest mount Aimpoint made. Might be a bit large but works like a champ.
  8. I bet it is being used right now to break out car windows in Chicago.
  9. What model Coyote Brown stock pouch are you using. Looks like a Specter Gear model, but which version.
  10. Just some notes on a 7 rd Benelli M4 tube that arrived today. Ordered from Tacticalshotgunner.com on the night of 7/6; shipped the next morning 7/7 and arrived today and was put on 7/9 so I am happy with the shipping and order process. Came well packed and was wrapped in plastic and had thread caps to keep from getting dented during shipping. The threads looked the same as the OEM Benelli tube. Old tube came off in less than 2 minutes with a heat gun. Old tube weighed 10.6 oz. New full length tube weighed 10.3 oz. Both tubes were 1.0065" at same reference location on each. Used blue loctite to put back on weapon. Factory follower fit very well into the very smooth tube. Outside surface of the tube shows the same micro milling grooves as the factory tube. Color is about one shade lighter than the factory tube but as I am use to military parts to me it matches pretty well. If it ever causes me to stay up thinking about it I may go with a powder coat for all the steel parts..........not in my plans at this point. Overall for $149 including a new very long spring I am pleased. I got the part in 3 days and it is on the gun and ready to use.
  11. At least you finally got it back and have something to work with. Many never get returned and are destroyed by the LEO.
  12. One of these tubes and springs is now on the way here. Will give specs when it arrives.
  13. Anyone use the full length magazine tubes offerred for the M4 from Tacticalshotgunner.com. Suppose to ship with a spring and is parkerized steel. Is there a better choice? Not real interested in a mag extension for twice what I can get a 1 piece for.
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