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  1. Excuse me? In that situation, I'm in possession of weapons of mass distruction under constructive possession just with what is under my kitchen sink and behind the toilet. WTF are you smoking?
  2. Quite frankly, the current shade looks just fine. Will I order a black one. Probably. That being said, my muted finish (or whatever the heck its called) is just fine.
  3. Got mine the other day. Typical Kip perfection. Who would even know it was two different materials.
  4. Ever since Kip announced their creation...
  5. I have never used my Benelli for home defense. I've never used anything for home defense, and I hope I never have to.
  6. Too many threads to dig through.... What's the ETA/status on these?
  7. Can't wait. Will be looking for it in a week or two.
  8. I wanted the factory style. I may pick up one of the other variants down the line... maybe. Besides..... "manufacturer does not recommend use of aluminum brakes for dedicated breaching"
  9. I have a Becker BK2 with some canvas micarta scales on it. Good bush knife. I want to pick up a ESEE Junglas, and Izula2 one of these days... My Becker. Been thinking about stripping off the coating since its coming off anyway with hard use, and forcing a patina on it.
  10. Improved Modified - MOD. Ordered a full set of chokes with my order. Can't wait.
  11. Been waiting myself. I wonder if he's waiting to release it with the charging knobs.
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