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  1. im left eye dominant and right handed wtf? it feels like im okay with sighting since i cant my left hand inwards/clockwise when shooting so im "sighting over the bore" i also feel okay with drawing with my right hand since its my stronger arm but it seems like an odd combination. anyway is there a consensus on what handedness should go with a particular eye dominance for optimum accuracy?
  2. When i anodize a barrel do i need to plug it up so that the acid bath and dye dont get in there or will it be ok?
  3. This is a perfect example why a trigger job should be dont with the right tools.Id get a new trigger bar if I were you.
  4. Ok, a little bit more information as it comes in. Ive tried KRS under both Win XP and Vista and have to say it performs much better under Vista than it does under XP. In Vista Im getting about 30-40 FPS where as with XP that fram rate is almost cut in half. Not sure why, but I think Im going to keep running rail simulator under vista for now.
  5. so are you saying that it would be better to build seperate eleaments and then use the UDK to postion them on a plane?
  6. Sounds good to me, who knows, I might even have me another Benelli by then
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