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  1. on the side of the do's it say nova or super nova
  2. now you need a super nova in camo tack driver
  3. I jest get my new peterbilt truck had it a week the tranny **** the bed dealer look at me a said welcone wold of trucking if it was so good you wood be drive the first car you bout
  4. For Sale: A BNIB Benelli SBE 12 Gauge, matte black/ black synthetic stock and forend. 26" Vented barrel with all the chokes and tool in the Benelli plastic case and original cardboard box. Taken out of box, never fired. A brand new Benelli matte black Criobarrel Rifled Slug barrel with custom fitted Leupold bases and rings and a Leupold Vari-X III 2.5-8 Duplex Scope. Scope has been bore-sighted to the slug barrel. Also included is the black synthetic forend for the rifled slug barrel. Let me know if out of line on the pricing, it is way less then invested. $1600 Located in WI. Can email pictures. Email me at [email protected]
  5. 4006


    Hi sbe1 go to gunbroker.com
  6. Hi tyant44 go to gunbroker.com thy make 2 barrels a rifle barrels an a canterlever barrel I fond one at a shop up in vt it is at one of these shop good luck 79 GORE RD HIGHGATE CENTER, VT 05459 Phone: (802) 868-4288 1402 GALLUP RD FRANKLIN, VT 05457 Phone: (802) 285-6431
  7. Hi I get a super nova an my friends say it rattle but the only rattle i here is wind you shack the hill out of it anI shot minishells 2 3/4-3 mags an still no rattle wint phaesant 4 time the only rattle i herd was rem 870
  8. 4006

    Vinci's plastic...

    so how do's it shoot did you use 2 3/4-3 mag or 3 1/2
  9. gunbroker.com had the stock your looking for an the magtube ext
  10. Hi wood you like a benelli cleaning kit I have one i wood sale for 65.00 plus shipping
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