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  1. Used had it for about less then year.....Im a college student who lives downtown. I loved it when I used to go out and shoot with it, but I got M1 super 90 on layaway at the Gunstore. I would like to do a local trade, im in the heart of downtown lexington, but I can do shipping also, only to FFL dealer. Email me at my work account, its my name at aol, I have a gun show in a week that I might take it to so the sooner the better. It has the pistol grip and the ghost ring sights, thanks alot viewers! Im selling it for $400, I also have a Romanian AK-47 thats going for $400, but if you want them both I'll do $750 - not including shipping. It would make a great christmas present! thanks yall
  2. i know its alittle late from your post, but do you have anymore for sale?? I have a M1 and I have been searching for the M4 stocks for awhile now!!
  3. but now that I think about it, if you got the money, might as well go with the M4
  4. i've got my M1 on layway at the gunstore! They had it as a police trade in for 750, they also had a M4 but it was about 1500.
  5. does it strobe? Whats the battery life on it also?
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