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  1. FlawLS1 said he would take it, but then retracted, SPF to Jackalope. Thanks
  2. I gotcha, thanks, I figured this would be sold by now considering the discount and the wait!
  3. Is he still selling them through the gunbroker ads? It took me about a month to get this one, but it took a friend of mine 2. I was easily able to reach him on the phone and arrange a pick up and check status ( we live in the same city ).
  4. No, I did not loctite the threads, I can take more pictures if needed, but the tube is as described, not sure of what details I should provide. This does not come with a spring or follower, Kip did not provide a follower when I purchased the tube.
  5. I may have under priced it here, just saw that he has a 3-5 week wait!
  6. Excellent condition and wouldn't be selling, but I don't need this with the 14" barrel. I got this direct from Kip a couple of years ago, and was barely used, it has just been sitting around. I can't find a scratch or scuff on it at all, but it is used. Asking $165 shipped CONUS with payment through paypal ( either as a gift or you cover the fee ).
  7. I like mine a lot on my M1, only complaint is that it is contoured for the m2 receiver, so it leaves some exposed edges on my M1.
  8. I got really excited about this since the title is 12" barrel... haha
  9. I have a black anodized follower in my M4, no issues here, obviously not as visible though. If I remember correctly the red follower was a requirement of the military?
  10. 922R doesn't apply to NFA weapons.
  11. He DID forget to put the front sight back on....
  12. This guy posts a 10" M4 and you guys are worried about spelling? He was probably too pumped about his bad ass weapon to notice
  13. That is f'ing awesome. Do you plan to put the front sight back on?
  14. Ilintner

    14" m4

    What he said. I got my factory barrel off of gun broker, the seller was botach. ( haven't seen them since ) I see the 11724 for sale on the NFA boards every now and again but they are usually asking 2k + for them. Here are a couple that aren't too far out of line http://www.sturmgewehr.com/webBBS/nfa4sale.cgi?read=136434
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