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  1. Oh yeah ... 5 posts ... so here's my Urbino installed: Gonna remove the CDM mount, move the Scout light back onto the M80 rail, and get a longer tail to keep the pressure pad in the same location. Now thats the pix i was looking for... Thanks
  2. Anyone have pix of a black Cheek Riser on a M4? thanks
  3. pwraudio1

    Benelli M4 vs 870

    That is killing me. Lmao
  4. Can you take a pic of your oem stock next to the Mesa stock for us? I'm in the fence on it or the C-stock. Thanks for your time. Lee
  5. That's what I would like to know. If the choke and even just the thread protector be enough for 922r.
  6. Is the choke and thread protector All I need for the 922R or do I have to run one of the big Muzzel brakes?
  7. KZ 3-Rail Shotgun Mount I dont run one but the look like what you might want...
  8. thanks! Only make me want one more... Heehee
  9. Yes that would be killer! Thanks for your time. Even at $500 ill be getting the C-stock soon.
  10. Can any one give a real LOP in all positions? Thank for your time Lee
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