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  1. I have not been able to quietly and carefully close the bolt unless I purposely want the gun to be loaded but unable to fire! Typically load the magazine, put it in, release the bolt, then pull the mag and put a round in it to be full. (mine is .300 WSM so that is 4 total, one in chamber, 3 in mag) if anyone has come up with a quiet and reliable method to get the gun loaded and ready to fire, it would be nice to read.
  2. Its always good to hear how things went. Rifle season opening weekend was unusual. Weather was overcast and windy such that the deer were not moving much. Not much shooting heard. I saw a few deer in the morning. One decent buck but no chance for a shot. Pretty cold, slow, frustrating.......but as I have learned over the years, you never know what is going to happen next.
  3. Saw your message, I have done 6 trips to Colorado over the past 12 years, one to New Mexico. Elk hunting is like nothing else I have done. It is everything Whitetail hunting in the midwest is not. Its always nice to get one but usually just as fun even if I don't.
  4. Is there a reason to not use the mount from Benelli......other than its too much money if you need to buy one separate?
  5. swvoss

    Gas Piston

    If you could really buy two Brownings for the price go ahead I will take one............or you paid too much for your R1.
  6. swvoss

    Gas Piston

    Dr Hook, i have the same gun, same caliber and have shot the same ammo. i have never had a jam or anything even close with any heavy loads. i have noticed questionable but OK performance on 130 grain ammo, the kick is noticeably softer and that had me worried but so far never needed a quick follow up for any attacking whitetail. i think you may have a lemon.
  7. Mr. Tucker, I got the irony in your message the first time and agree for the most part with your position. I bow hunt for the challenge as do many others I know. Every hunter should know their limits and should not shoot a firearm at an animal without a high degree of confidence in making a safe efficient kill shot. For some and in some conditions, that may be 100 yards. For others that may be 400 yards. I also agree with Mr Nightforce on the meaning of hunting. Hunting and shooting are not the same thing. For me, it does not feel like hunting until I work to get close if possible. But thats me.
  8. swvoss

    Need Help

    I was disappointed after realizing the hard case is worthless after putting a scope on my R1. Reading this thread makes me think there is a chance however i'm concerned that holding zero for shooting a moose may not be a true test of holding zero if you know what i mean. Has anyone actually used quick release rings and shot from a bench before and after a few times?
  9. several have mentioned it and i agree, let the action strip the shell and close the bolt. using that i have never had a problem with mine. try to ease the bolt closed (to be quiet or for whatever reason) and it will need to be opened up, remove the shell with fingers. With mine this is every time!! i have never successfully been able to get a shell properly chambered by easing it closed.
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