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  1. Put some rounds thru it. 20 rounds hasn't begun to free it up yet. Get some cheap Federals or Winchester and fire it up.
  2. MD the difference is that the ER Shaw barrel is thicker than the Factory rifled slug barrel and you had to get a different fore end to go on the weapon. Now if you watch Gunbroker you can come across some deals on Benelli slug barrels. I got my slug barrel off of there for 250.00 practically brand new. Good luck
  3. No problem. understood the clip terminology anyway.
  4. It should state it in the owners manual but if you go to the Stoeger homepage and look up the uplander it willstate 2&3/4 and 3 in ammo.
  5. Tucker would probably be the one to ask on that, don't think I've ever seen one thou.
  6. Use the cylinder choke and try some Brenneke slugs. Worked pretty good for me.
  7. They will swap out. If you can find one of the earlier model ER Shaw barrels offered for the M1, it has the cantilever barrel but you will also have to get the rifled slug fore end for that gun.
  8. Try Midwest gunworks but be advised they are about 70 dollars apeice.
  9. Ridgeline

    New R1

    Thinking about a new R1 in 270WSM with Vari-X lll 3.5x10 Is this a good combination or not?
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