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  1. The most pure and unending form of Love
  2. LOL look at the minimum opening bid, minus the title of the auction the seller obviously knows what they have.
  3. True, but I think more along the lines of people irritated that the combat shotgun they all really wanted, finally in its true configuration, was limited in quantity and too expensive for most. My guess is quite a few sour grapes were spilled by miffed M4 enthusiasts to the ATF about how this gun could be legal
  4. I contacted Benelli back in May and then a week ago. Initially orders from the beginning of February were estimated to be available between June and July. The deadline was pushed to the right three months to September and October. When I paid for mine in February I was hearing about people from last year still waiting on fulfilment of their regular M4s so 7-8 months for one of these doesn't seem too terrible.
  5. This is a WARNING to everyone interested in Kip's Merchandise!!!!!! Unless you want friendly personalized shipping notifications, fast processing and outstanding shipping times....LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! The nerve of this guy selling me two products I needed and could not find anywhere else is astounding. Not only did he sell me two products I needed, they were exactly what he described them to be and they were perfect...in fact too perfect. If Kip expects his business to thrive on exceptional workmanship and quality he is SORELY MISTAKEN!!! And then the shipping box, which had a
  6. Both of you shhh......don't you realize Kip is a liar and a dishonorable cheat who never gets his "products" off the design board and into eager consumers hands? Shame on you for misleading all these newb fanboy wannabe jokers. Shame! Oh, and order placed several hours ago...
  7. Whatever chip you have on your shoulder with Kip, BigNose, whatever awful crime he committed against you in the past that you can't get over...can you please take it up in a PM with him? This thread isn't about your beef with his process, it's about the products that he has developed. When products are available he sells them, and the people who like what he has developed wait. He is under no contract to provide ANYONE here with dates/quantities/rates of production. Are you trying to convince others to take their business elsewhere? Why? If people have found their way into this thr
  8. I'm saying how do you get that his son is in the Army from the sentence H&K wrote? You don't, unless H&K made a previous post about it elsewhere on the forum. That's an assumption you made. There are plenty of things other people buy that you would not, if you're not offering to help save the lecture.
  9. Christ you're thick...
  10. Or he just wants to get a present for his son who is probably not in the Army or he would have gone to clothing and sales himself (where are you getting any of your reply from?). I will look tomorrow and see if my store sells them and get back with you.
  11. How are those LTL rounds working out in your M4? Don't be a clown.
  12. No, what you were saying to benelliwerks was that there is some magical kinetic energy that makes the bolt retract, extract and then feed the next round when placed against a properly stanced individual...all while firing rounds less powerful than the weapon was designed to cycle. There is no "malfunction" from firing weak ammo. A malfunction means something is wrong with the weapon. There is a failure to fire, failure to feed or failure to extract due to the firer using low pressure ammunition. And I'm not making you out to say anything, I'm telling you what the gun was designed fo
  13. Which particular ass clown would that be? Because reading through the posts everyone in here wrote to support you and help you figure out what might be best starting out with this weapon. Calling any of us "ass clowns" makes you come off as an ingrate.
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