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  1. Yes... it was just a plain cardboard box. Your neighbors will never know.
  2. So I would sell if you are interested.
  3. But for $180 I'll take a subpar finish anyday. Online add states Made in the US (922r complient). I was hoping it said "Made in the US on it just like the other parts Ive added. http://www.promagindustries.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PM253&CartID=1
  4. I just looked to see if it states made in US and it doesnt say it anywhere on the package or the parts. On the package it does say,"May be Assembled from Domestic and Imported Components". It does not say made in the USA anywhere. The only thing I see is the stamp on the rubber recoil pad "Pro Mag". I guess Im going to print the online add that says its made in the USA for proof.
  5. No..............The whole thing is a 2 pc, just like the the stock Benelli handgaurds. The Pro Mag bottom rail is actually split in half lengthwise until you mate the 2 peices together, then it (rail) becomes one.
  6. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1748[/ATTACH] Pic with rail ramoved [ATTACH=CONFIG]1749[/ATTACH] Pic with rail flipped around [ATTACH=CONFIG]1750[/ATTACH] Pic showing top of cheek peice
  7. This thing is actually pretty cool. At first glance the parts all appeared to look top notch quality in the package. The name Benelli was spelled correctly. But I cant see any stamping indicating that its made in the USA. It does state "Lifetime Warranty" on package and it does have "Pro Mag" stamped on the end of the rubber recoil pad. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1745[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]1743[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1740[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1739[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1744[/ATTACH] The 2 pc C-Stock has an alluminum frame, fairly hard rubber recoil pad. The recoil pad is about as stiff as the stock Benelli pad. The cheek peice is plastic (looks pretty solid). The pistol grip on the c-stock is identical to the pistol grip on the 1 pc Benelli stock. I cant tell a difference between the two. Overall I think the c-stock is really good quality. After installing the c-stock, it took me a few minutes to figure out exactly how it functions, I did have a tough time trying to get it to the middle notch. One thing I did notice was that there is a tiny bit of wobble when the stock is in "lock" in all 3 positions. It really isnt that big of a deal. Im not sure if the Benelli c-stock has any wobble to it or not. As far as the Pro Mag Forearm, it went on fairly hard, I had to really squeeze the 2 pcs together to assemble. But it did go together. With the rails attached, this thing is really WIDE. I didnt measure it, but I would geuss that it is about a 1/2" wider than the Surefire m80. You can see in the picture next to the Surefire M80. I also noticed that when it was assembled the pistons werent rattling or moving after shaking the gun. So I think that the forearm after squeezing is restricting the pistons from moving. You can probably fix this by removing some material, but I'll stick to my Surefire. The 3 and 9 o clock rails do detach. When you detach the rails it feels like the stock Benelli forearm, but with the holes exposed. These rails do have off set screw holes so that you can flip the rail around so that it over hangs to the front of the forearm (see pic). Over all, I dont think I like this forearm at all. I made this purchace for the c-stock only. I will stick to the Surefire or stock forearm. Keep in mind , I have never seen an original Benelli C-Stock before but this Pro Mag looks like a winner for the $$. It is new and a little stiff right now, but Im sure it will loosen up after break in. For under $200.00 I think it is worth it !!
  8. Yes...........My M4 is a model #11707 that has the newer style receiver extension that has the 4 notches. I have taken it appart to verify.
  9. I placed an order last week and havent received it yet. UPS tracking states it will be in by this wednesday. Should have a full report to give sometime after that. I do not have a original C-Stock and have never seen one in person. Dont worry, I will take many photo's and grade overall quality of the US made c-stock. Hopefully its just as good.
  10. Hey Hookster Are you gonna give us a full review on the hat and shirt after you recieve them??
  11. Gotcha.......Thats what I thought, but I wanted to ask a Pro! I just hope it says.. "Made In the US" ... on it somewhere. I could actually take off my Surefire M80 and put the stock Benelli forearm back on and still be complient. Cant figure out why a US made collaspsible hasnt come out sooner.
  12. StrangerDanger I am adding this ProMag US made collapsible stock to my M4. Am I 922r complient? I currently have Kips 7rd mag/follower, , Surefire M80. With this stock being made in the US, do I need another US made part in order to be legal?? I live in PA.
  13. BTW, anyone know what that little hole in the pistol grip (directly aft of the trigger) is for? I know now. lol I saw a pic of one (M4) yesterday with a single point sling attached right there. It had what appeared to be a small loop where the hole is and the sling was attached onto the loop. It looked pretty cool. I'll try to find that picture.
  14. OK.....I have never seen the original Benelli calaspsable stock up close, just in pictures. So Im hoping this thing is just as good quality. It stated that this is 922r complient. Does that mean I dont have to add another US made part? I already have Kips 7 rd tube/follower and surefire M80. Does this collaspable stock require a 4th US add on?? Or am I ok with it being made in the US?
  15. I just got a e-mail stating that my order has shipped !
  16. I pitty the FOOL thats breaks into that place !
  17. Hey, at least I dont have to wait 9 weeks for this order, it should ship fairly quick ! I just hope my wife doesnt find out !! YIKES!!
  18. Ummmm.....That would be me !! Order placed !!
  19. WOW... that fore end looks like the Surefire. You definately get a lot of bang for your buck! I just may pull the trigger on this !
  20. You need to find a long thin screwdriver that fits just right into both of the holes. Slide the screwdriver tip into the holes then turn counterclockwise. Trust me, I had to ream pretty hard to get mine to pop. Maybe I can try to take a picture of how I have the screwdriver inserted when reaming. Remember counterclockwise !
  21. It gives your wife another chance to swing that cast iron pan. yah ..... one of these days she's gonna make contact !! SCHWACK !!
  22. Definition of an Assault Weapon?? This is what the 1994 ban included. Assault weapon (semi-automatic) refers primarily (but not exclusively) to firearms that possess the cosmetics of an assault rifle (which are fully-automatic). Semi-automatic firearms, when fired, automatically extract the spent cartridge casing and load the next cartridge into the chamber, ready to fire again; they do not fire automatically like a machine gun; rather, only one round is fired with each trigger pull. In the former U.S. law, the legal term assault weapon included certain specific semi-automatic firearm models by name (e.g., Colt AR-15, TEC-9, non select-fire AK-47s produced by three manufacturers, and Uzis) and other semi-automatic firearms because they possess a minimum set of cosmetic features from the following list of features: Semi-automatic rifles able to accept detachable magazines and two or more of the following: Folding or telescoping stock Pistol grip Bayonet mount Flash suppressor, or threaded barrel designed to accommodate one Grenade launcher (more precisely, a muzzle device that enables launching or firing rifle grenades, though this applies only to muzzle mounted grenade launchers and not those mounted externally). Semi-automatic pistols with detachable magazines and two or more of the following: Magazine that attaches outside the pistol grip Threaded barrel to attach barrel extender, flash suppressor, handgrip, or suppressor Barrel shroud that can be used as a hand-hold Unloaded weight of 50 oz (1.4 kg) or more A semi-automatic version of a fully automatic firearm. Semi-automatic shotguns with two or more of the following: Folding or telescoping stock Pistol grip Fixed capacity of more than 5 rounds Detachable magazine.
  23. Did anybody catch the comment that President Obama said about reinstating the assault weapons ban? In his 4 year term he stated that he witnessed 5 brutal shootings. Also stated in his hometown Chicago, criminals arent using AK47's, they are using cheap handguns. Thoughts??
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