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  1. yah...I think Im half way there now... hahaha this whole mess just pisses me off anyways
  2. How come the VP hasnt commented on anyhting??
  3. Check this out...... http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=rifle%20reported%20found%20in%20lanzas%20car&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CD0QtwIwAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fchemtrailsplanet.net%2F2012%2F12%2F19%2Fdoes-lanzas-alleged-bushmaster-ar-15-assault-weapon-really-exist%2F&ei=KAjWUJOpGKXw0gGNw4BA&usg=AFQjCNFtVRXY3xddugidTWBA2ZDq2SI9tw
  4. I didnt read anything about a shotgun, my link shows incidents being reported as they happened throughout the day and here is the part about the rifle being found in his car by authorities. This was at 6:25 pm. 6:25 p.m.: Nancy Lanza, mother of gunman Adam Lanza, was found dead in her Connecticut home. The 20-year-old man, shot her in the face, authorities told ABC News. Following the murder of his mother, Lanza, carrying at least two semi-automatic pistols and an automatic rifle, drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., where his mother worked. There he killed 20 children and six adults. Lanza was found dead in the school with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The rifle was found in his car, authorities said. I'm wondering if an AR was even used in this attack, is this some kind of make believe story by our government to just simply get support from the public by blaming an assault weapon on this?? There are no witnesses, just a kid that escaped. How convenient? Sounds kind of fishy to me.........
  5. Sorry for dragging this on... But in last weeks shootings did any of you guys catch the first initial reports stating that an AR15 was reportedly found by athorities in the shooters car. Then 1.5- 2 days later, the coroner reported that all victoms were killed by an AR15 (.223) First reports also stated that the gunman used a Glock/Sig 9mm in the slayings. This seems kind of fishy to me that authorities would report a finding of an AR in the perpertraitors car then all of the sudden be quiet about it?? WTF?? anybody else catch this?? http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=first%20reports%20of%20connecticut%20shootings&source=newssearch&cd=1&cad=rja&ved=0CDAQ-AsoAzAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2Fblogs%2Fheadlines%2F2012%2F12%2Flive-updates-newtown-ct-school-shooting%2F&ei=7pLVUKirEOuz0QGb9YDoDA&usg=AFQjCNG8jXin0x21mq4SKADv5u1D_AfLTw&bvm=bv.1355534169,d.dmQ
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement ! I know its not going to change whats on their aganda, but it WILL show the gun grabbers how many people are STILL concerned and pissed off about what is being suggested as a solution. Also it will show how FAST we can put this list together! There are a lot of guys just like you and I, and we need to get as many names on this list ! This country has a crap load of law abiding gun guys, its my job to find em! Oh by the way, thanks for signing ! ....this petition was generated on 12/16/2012
  7. I know your not gutless. We need your support. This is a time to stick together for what we believe in. This is a nationwide petition that has started and directed towards the the whitehouse and President Obama. Please as gun owners we need to take the time to register then sign the petition to gain as many signatures as possible. There are currently 40,000 + signatures on this. Thats not very many. We can do better. Come on guys, we need to let our goverment know that there are many of us that will stand together and fight for for the preservation of our current gun rights. Please take the time to register and sign this petition, it only takes about 10 minutes. and oh yah, please forward this message. http://wh.gov/RLsR
  8. Zeke

    Pro mag m4 benelli

    Dont forget the pics........before/during and after, ummmmm.....wait I still havent seen any pics??
  9. amen brother.....The vast majority of gun owners are people just like you ! They are responsible, law abiding, citizens! Your guns are LOCKED UP !! Maybe you are already aware of this but I will post anyway....... This same thing happened in the UK in 1996, their solution was to completley ban guns. ! The following years (97- 99), gun related crimes almost doubled (89%) Smuggling guns became a new hobby for criminals. Banning guns only "disarmed" the "good guy" IMO, made it easy for criminals! check this out......... http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=guns%20banned%20in%20uk&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&ved=0CEQQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Fnews%2Farticle-1223193%2FCulture-violence-Gun-crime-goes-89-decade.html&ei=baLNUKPJJain0AH5hYDYDw&usg=AFQjCNGTZ_JcC_36qWSXwHmrEE0eW_gySw&bvm=bv.1355325884,d.dmQ
  10. Its a terrible thing what happened yesterday in Conneticut and I couldnt imagine what those families are going through. What kind of sick deranged knucklehead could go on a shooting spree in an elementary school and kill inocent kids is beyond me?? After yesterdays shooting/ and this past weeks (mall) shooting, anti gun activists are in full force to get the president(pettitioning) to somehow regulate or ban guns overall in general. This is a very serious topic now ! As a gun owner, I now think that the govement will try to attack our 2nd ammendment rights and put all kind of restrictions on current owners and let alone ban certain things. With Obama in a new 4 year term, we are in serious trouble of losing our gun ownership rights! These recent incidents is the start of a new revolution against guns and gun owners have to really put up a fight on what we believe in. I am deeply saddened at what happened yesterday and it really blows my mind to know that there are people amoungst us that could do such a thing to little kids. Now, as a law abiding gun owner, I'm going to have to suffer some kind of new gun laws. Its really a shame that we cant somehow get good at recognizing mentally deranged people and not alllowing people to access guns and somehow prevent these types of things from happening. Now we all have to suffer. Taking away the gun will not solve the problem..................... Thoughts??
  11. Zeke

    Cool Picture Thread

    Thats a little more than I needed to see !! uuuuuGGGG !
  12. Whoa.....That is cool ! Hmmm.. I'm not familiar with the 50 bewolf? But I'll have to research it a little. Anyways, if your going to spend that kind of $$, I would go piston operated. It is suppose to be cleaner and more reliable than regular gas operation. Just like our M4's, I't will probably have a higher resale value as well. As far as the brake. I like the 2nd choice, but IMO they are both cool. What is the price on those bad boys??
  13. Zeke

    Cool Picture Thread

    Whoa???...........looks like someone gutted it, then skinned it then took the rest for the BBQ. A little road kill sandwich! That wasnt you was it?
  14. Hope the spammer doesnt win..................
  15. Gee... I never win anything !!!!!!!!!! Face Palm........
  16. Zeke

    Cool Picture Thread

    Beaver Damage............they are relentless ! New tree cut down across my 4 wheeler trail next to river. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1786[/ATTACH] Tree cut down clean..... [ATTACH=CONFIG]1787[/ATTACH] These suckers dont quit..... [ATTACH=CONFIG]1788[/ATTACH] In the end, he paid the ultimte sacrifice...... [ATTACH=CONFIG]1789[/ATTACH]
  17. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1784[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1785[/ATTACH] 240# female taken about 2 weeks ago....
  18. Sorry for not responding, I had some familiy drama lately. I just have to disassemble my M4 again and see what happens. I really dont think that you'll like the quality and feel of this thing. It didnt fit good and its really really WIDE with rails attached. As far as selling it, heck I'll just give it to you! Not going to sell something that you probably wont like. I'll pm my address.
  19. I put a little oil on mine and all is fine and dandy. Slides nice. The finish on mine IMO is awesome, it is kind of a glossy black finish but it doesnt look cheap at all. There are no scracth's or chips whatsoever. Its good to see the e-mail above from Pro-Mag stating that it is 922r !
  20. com on now..... you really havent been that close now ahve ya ??.............Ugggggggggggg
  21. Wow..... she looks evil an on a mission !! I pitty you guy on the west coast !
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