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  1. I gotta a chubby after seeing that! I gotta place my order !
  2. wow.. 4th week? Sounds like I better place mine.
  3. Zeke

    Smell a rat?

    They're blaming it purely on the assault weapon. They're going to ask the president if he will bring up the assault weapon ban after this incident. I say hogwash, it is not the weapon that is at fault here, It is the knucklehead behind the trigger. This problem will always exist regardless of what ever type of weapon they allow. Sure go ahead and ban our weapons, what do you think the next crazed lunitic will do?? He will probably build a sofisticated bomb and go into a crowd. or he will get the next best thing. Taking away weapons WONT FIX THE PROBLEM, my solution would to be to arm the whole dam crowd!
  4. I got to get one of these, are they hard to install??
  5. Cool... thanks guys ! Im going to order the CC............
  6. Is there a long wait when ordering a full length tube (titanium)?? I would like to order one but not sure how long it will take. Also are there different manufacturers of these tubes?
  7. Zeke

    iPad Vs a M4

    Schweeeeeet Giorgia Brown............ that was awesome!
  8. Dumm question here..... What is a SBS?? or a SBR??
  9. I just paid $1630 + tax. I live in Northern PA..........Not every dealer here sells/carries Benelli guns. My local dealer informed me that there is not a big demand here for them and he has to sell so many Benelli's a year, in order to keep them in his store. But there are big sporting good stores like Dicks Sporting Goods that carry Benelli guns. But they are pricey.........
  10. I live in Pennsylvania and I just paid $1650+tax. Not much difference, so dont feel bad. My gun dealer tells me that these are a hot item and they are hard for him to get. These guns are the best! Have fun with your new shot gun.
  11. Schweeeet..... Why that looks just like mine ! .....LOL All right, how much did you spend??
  12. Zeke

    M4 vs FNH SLP?

    When comparing, you gotta compare everything; 1) price?? (stock vs modified)?? 2) performance (stock vs modified)?? 3) options availabilty?? 4) ease of maintenance ?? 5) legality issues(922r)?? 6) reliabiltiy?? (long term) what did I miss??
  13. I just tried to post a reply regarding your Botach KZ forearm but it got headed off for delayed posting because it had a link in it. Anyway..... You should be fairly happy with your KZ. I just recieved mine (KZ) yesterday, I installed it with no issues and I think it looks great. If anything, the barrel slides a little harder when disassembling and reassembling. I used to have one but sold it because I was looking for something at the time that would allow me to keep my Sidearmor rail system so I ended up with a Surefire M80. I reviewed the KZ when I first got it ( the dreaded link I tried to post ) Just put in "KZ forearm review" in the search box at the top of the page and it will bring it right up (pictures start on page 3) I've often thought about getting another KZ to try out some other light mounting options I've had in mind. Are you going to be mounting a light? So I just read your forearm review and it is pretty detailed. At the time I ordered the KZ, I wasnt even aware that there was even another option for the M4. I am going to have to Google "Surefire" to see what it looks like, unless you have more pics. Sounds like I could of made a bad choice. But the KZ IMO is really cool. Now I have to order the extention. Flashlight yes.... I have an AR15 with a 4 rail handguard, I already have many attachments such as a VLTOR quick release flashlight attachment w/Surefire flashlight, also VLTOR vertical grip attached as well. It looks very cool with these attachments. I still need to purchace the rail covers as it is uncomfortable to handle. As far as compliance....No you don't need to write to the ATF about anything. Several of us (including me) did write them for clarification of the law as it relates to the M4. Again I don't want to send another post to limbo by posting a link so I'll just suggest putting "ATF letter response" in the search box to find the thread started by MeanGreen that will show you the responses we received and some healthy debate on the subject. Sounds like I need to keep all documents as proof locked up in my safe just to cover my butt. This "KZ" rail says "Made in USA". Probably will print Web Page as well. I havent read your ATF letter responce yet, but will do so. Is there anything else I should be aware of?? I still plan on buying the CC Tube. Did you have a hard time getting your old tube off?? Approximately how long did you have to apply heat before you actually were able to turn the old tube off?? I want to be able to interchange the 5 and 7 rd tubes so I will be able to use this gun for deer hunting. We cant hunt with 7 rds. I am not going to use locktite to reinstall. I hope this thing shoots slugs....LOL As I recall, I waited about 8 weeks on my CC tube......Totally worth the wait!!!! Later, Thanks again for your detailed responces. I know I am getting good advice from a guy thats been there. What state do you live in?? Are you a big gun collector??
  14. Umm... thats what I thought, there is no gray, just muted.
  15. Thanks for the welcome.....Marc63/Hookster Its always cool to know that I am getting expert advise first hand. So you guys know this gun real well?? I gotta admit, I was attracted to this gun when I first started doing research on it. I was actually leaning hard towards a Rem. 870 (home defense gun, $400), but I opted for the Benelli M4 ($1650). I just didnt tell my wife. LOL.. Also how long of a wait is it for your CC Tube/follower? Also, once your M4 was compliant, I understand that you have to send a letter to the ATF telling them what you did to your M4, and they will send you a follow up letter stating that it is compliant?? Am I correct on this? Sorry for all of the questions............ Cant wait to shoot this peice of art !
  16. LOL.....Yah I already ordered a Botach Handguard (4 rail system) for it $150. I havent got it yet. I also plan on getting the extended magazine/with follower. I am not sure about the stock yet. I live in Pennsylvania and state is pretty leniant as far as gun regulations. Anyways thanks !!
  17. Zeke

    Chokes that fit?

    What about the M4?? Can I use differents Benelli chokes?
  18. The only one(CarrierComp)that I have seen so far are gold or bronze(dull) color. I would be interested in seeing the gray.
  19. Hey guys, just got a new M4 and Im pretty excited on shooting it for the first time. I researched it pretty hard and found out that it is one of the best. The only thing that I bummed about is this 922r stuff. I do plan on add ons but I got to make sure Im doing it correctly.
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