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  1. Thank you Had a mix up with the choke size but "Gary" handled it quickly and professionally. A very good company to do business with that I've found thanks to you fine men on this site. Thanks guys. Thank you Briley
  2. Since money is not an issue, why not just trying to do it the way I did. My wife is only about 5 feet tall and just over 100lbs. (I'm 6'1, 240 - lol) I started her off shooting a .22LR until she started getting into it and relaxed. I won't get into my targets for her since it's a little unorthodox and probably not for everyone but once she really got into the groove with it, I moved her up to the 9mm and she is now a damn fine shot and likes going to the range. Her "cringe" step is also gone like she used to get whenever it was her turn to shoot which was a big thing with me. I find
  3. I don't believe quoting private sales would be very professional however I will say I'm very happy with my purchase. No offense intended.
  4. Made a deal with Heckler&KochP2000 last week. Sent him a money order on faith. Received items today. Good men doing good, honest business. Respect to you H&K and thank you. I don't have a heck of a lot of faith in people in general anymore but took a shot and it paid off. Happy with the deal, happy with the parts, happy with the man. Thank you Sharkey
  5. I will attempt to be slightly more polite however I will not be needing classes since I was firing M16s, M60s, M2s, M82s, AKs, MG42s, etc, etc, etc., not to mention shotguns and Police issue handguns with the military and various police organizations since the early 80s and know full well what those sights are for as well as the range of my shotguns but thank you for your input. The fact is, the M4 Ghost ring is just a bit too thin for my abused eyes to see well and I was just hoping to find something a bit more robust which the battle sites, once bored a bit, might be able to provide. T
  6. Understood. I was hoping to find something like this that was actually made to fit the level of the Benelli M4 sights.
  7. With Carriercomp having vendor issues for their muzzle brakes and extension/accessory chokes, who would be a the best choice for these types of items for the M4? Your time and input are appreciated Sharkey
  8. Any of you fine men ever found a rear site like they have for the M16s that will bolt onto an M4? I like the dual wide/tiny aperture for close/distant targets and am wondering if anyone knows a company that makes them for the M4 and maybe even AR10s. Your time and assistance is appreciated guys. Sharkey
  9. Thanks Joshua and everyone else who provided info. Sincerely appreciated and all pertinent info has been downloaded and saved for review. Sharkey
  10. Very good sir Thank you. While we're in here and rather than starting another thread, any idea what the lightest recoil round would be the M4 can effectively cycle? As I stated earlier, my wife will be using this as a back up home protection gun when I am away and she is small so I am hoping to find something lighter than buck shot to leave it set up with for her. Not concerned about myself but would like something a little more user friendly to increase her comfort level with it. My old Rem 1100, perhaps due to use and having been reworked so many times cannot cycle anything l
  11. moving Yes I have. I did a considerable amount of research on it prior to buying. The round placed below the bolt and then another in the chamber - referred to as "floating" a round. The NEW aspect to me was the round would move there all by itself when you pull the trigger on the empty chamber. I had a modified Rem 1100 that I had changed the furniture on back 25 years ago that looks almost exactly like the M4 with the barrel cut down, the black pistol grip, fixed shoulder stock and fore end (even had it parkerized) and an extension on it which (mechanically) acts differently th
  12. Thank you for the response. I checked and checked and was reasonably certain all was good and just needed a thumbs up from a vet with one of these. Thank you Sharkey
  13. When I picked up my M4, I could load the mag with the hammer cocked only. Once the mag was loaded, I could not simply charge the gun as the bolt would ride back and forth without chambering a round until after I pulled the trigger on the empty chamber. At first, the rounds would not drop from the mag into the lower assembly unless I pulled the bolt back to chamber one. I worked some disassembly drills today as I do with all weapons before firing a new one and have noticed that now, once I load the mag and then pull the trigger with the chamber empty, a round automatically falls into the
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