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  1. It's just my opinion but I'm of the mind that people coming on a site for the sole purpose of trying to get Americans to break a federal law should at LEAST be banned from the site. This is not something that should be condoned or allowed to continue.
  2. I was at the range last weekend with a couple of old friends and just around the edge of the 100 yard range I could see the gong for the 200 yarder. I told them I was gonna make a stab at it and they both doubted it could happen since they said they were lucky to reach 100 accurately with their slugs. Well I thru on the bipod and with only my reflex sight, nailed it first shot. Then a miss, then 4 in a row, then 2 more misses, then 1 more hit and a miss. 6 for 10 from an M4 on a 16 inch gong at 200 yards using Fed Truball 1600fps slugs. I was pretty happy with it since I
  3. If I remember correctly, those are pretty thin wire as well but it's been a while since I've even seen one. The good thing with this issue is springs are cheap. I would buy several from different companies and see which one fits your needs the best. It's what I did when I had the extension cap made for mine. All of the others have been gone for a while now and I have a couple of extras of the Carriercomp springs which are with my emergency parts kit for this gun. It's all a matter of playing with it til you find exactly what fits YOU on this one I believe.
  4. Carrier Comp sells a great spring for the M4 that has made my 10 shot M4 work like a charm. What spring do you currently have in it? Perhaps you just have one with thicker wire. The one I have from Carriercomp is made from fairly thin stuff but is long and will pump out even that 8th shell without an issue whereas others were about 50/50.
  5. I love the reactions whenever anyone asks simply "what is the BEST" of something - ANYTHING. It is ALWAYS tough to get a group of people to agree on this because all people are different and envision or have experience different scenarios. After dealing with drug raids on houses, in the projects, various multitudes of domestic disputes, high speed chases and God knows how many different crazy days, the BEST is what works for YOU and keeps you moving forward effectively. I see a lot of people concerned with weight. For me, this is a non issue. Others are worried about getting scratched
  6. +1 SideArmor makes a great product. Rugged, practical and efficient. I have the 8 shell holder on mine and made the right choice.
  7. I've never had any issues either however I'm 6'2 and 240 and fired everything from shotguns, to M60s and 50 cals. My wife however is 5'1 and about 115 and with the Mesa Stock, ENJOYS shooting it rather than "dealing with it" and I have to say, it's a great all around stock - wish I had had it when I was still a Statey. Not everyone is built for shotguns and not everyone can handle blowing through 160 or 200 1600fps slugs in a day without thinking about it. The best GOOD men can do is do their best to take into consideration the fact that not everyone is as physically capable as they
  8. That's the spirit BG and I'm sorry that I missed that part about not having any work originally. I understand how tough things can get - please believe I do. I think, if you hang onto your M4 and someday when you DO get the money, pick yourself up an AR, you'll be glad you never let go of your M4. Of course, I could always just be wrong all day but I don't believe so on this one. These M4s are some serious weapons and although ARs are nothing to be scoffed at, if I had someone trying to rush up the stairs toward me and my family, I gotta say, confidence would be VERY high for
  9. Mesa Tactical stocks are good stuff. Skip all the adjustable stock stuff. Those are made for ARs and serve their purpose quite well on them. On a shotgun, I want some sturdy stockage with enough meat in the butt so if I have to buttstroke some mook in the mouth, I can do so with confidence and not have to worry about ripping his cheek all to heck with the adjustable stock edges or damaging the stock itself. After buying my Mesa stock, I put it on and have never considered buying anything else.
  10. Trade an M4 for an AR15? Really?? **** bud, if you really wanna step up, grab yourself an AR10 carbine for under 1500 and skip the pea shooter but please don't tell me you are going to let go of your M4. I've got a number of weapons and rifles are in the safes while the M4 is always ready, willing and able... There is simply no comparison between the two. Heck, with an M4, even if the intruder is wearing a bullet proof vest, you are going to damage him SO bad he'll be lucky to survive just the impact at close range.
  11. I just did an ammo count. Unfortunately, it appears as though I have way too much and will have to hit the range this weekend... Darn it...
  12. How did this set up shoot for you FB? The thing I prefer about the Briley Door Breacher and my extension is the Briley Door Breacher has no holes at the bottom which helps keep the muzzle down and the residue off of the extension and also helps keep it from heating up since there is no direct blow-off hitting it. It appears as though the CC version has holes all the way around. Just wondering how you made out at the range. Looks nice..
  13. I knew there was SOME kinda storm involved in the name there... I forgot which weather event was involved but sure do like those brushes... The Federal Truball slugs can tend to leave the bore pretty dirty and those brushes are outstanding at bringing it back quickly... The price is right though on the truballs and the accuracy is everything you could ask for with this gun... If I need to shoot any tighter than a 3 or so inch group at a 100 yards, I don't use a shotgun anyway. I've got better things for sniping than a 12 gauge....
  14. I use my bore snake all the time as well however for really getting the bore back to glassy after a day of 150 tru-balls through it, I like the stainless steel turbo brush. I don't prefer it for my rifles or handguns due to the rifling but for the smooth bore, I haven't seen anything better for getting that tough build-up the heck outta there...
  15. I would say it's definitely the Fiochi ammo. I grabbed some on the cheap when I first got mine and gave it all away right there at the range the same day. During break-in, none of it would cycle so I stuck with the heavy slugs for several hundred rounds and never went back to low recoil until recently. NOT Fiocchi - and have had good luck with it all now. I run a Briley improved cylinder choke with the Briley door breacher Compensator on mine and almost exclusively shoot Federal Tru-ball slugs. They are cheap and with the 1600fps rounds, either regular or the LE, I can shoot 10 inch t
  16. I'll never put down anyone else's work but I will say that the part on my gun is one rugged tool and was made specifically for my M4. One piece, solid, matches the finish perfectly and makes quite a nice little ram all on it's own. 1 solid piece of steel and built to last. Good find though KB. I hadn't seen that one.
  17. Yes. It's very simple. The retainer clip is now useless and all you do is take the cap off slowly and hold onto the spring as you field strip the gun. When you are putting it back in, you just manually feed the spring down as you work the cap to the threads and then screw it on. I'm pretty certain just about anyone could do it since this isn't exactly a coil spring from an old chevy we are dealing with. Simple design, simple processes. I have had ZERO issues doing things this way and my gun loads and shoots mass amounts of pretty much anything I put into it with no added complica
  18. I'm using that heavy duty super spring from CarrierComp. I tried several others I had hanging around and they were fine with 9 rounds of the big stuff but I couldn't get 10 of the Federal Tru-ball slugs thru it without that last one hanging up. Bought a couple of Kip's Full Length mag springs and poof. They were EXACTLY the magic I needed to make it work. Heck, I figure, even if guys don't like the look of the mag being a bit longer than the barrel, it wouldn't hurt to keep one of these caps around with a good spring for a SHTF situation where looks will fall by the wayside and one ext
  19. Here is a link to the video on youtube. If you notice, my family tried to cut my head off as much as possible in the video. I didn't want my immense level of handsome to overwhelm the real reason for the making it...lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC3mhQU7ngY
  20. I have a machinist that can also make this (on special request $$$) in titanium for weight sensitive guys but this is a robust cap which, if you don't have any kind of barrel extension, will extend about 1-5/8s beyond the barrel and make a great little chest poker and not effect accuracy OR shooting at all. You wouldn't want to poke anyone with my Briley Compensator unless you wanted chunks of em coming back with it...lol
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC3mhQU7ngY
  22. For those of you wondering, set up the way I have it, I can easily fit 9 of the Rio Buckshot and ANY of the oversized 2-3/4 ammo including Dupo Slugs which shoot well and cycle every time. I even shot 9 3 inch turkey loads out of it at the range one day for fun. It can handle 10 of pretty much all of the normally sized 2-3/4 inch ammo like the federal tru-balls and federal or winchester buckshot loads.
  23. Check it out guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC3mhQU7ngY
  24. I used just a dab of purple, "low strength" and CAN get it off. I've had it off once since and just left the residue in there with no issues. Thank you for the heads up though and good call. I only use the heavy duty stuff where recommended and the week stuff for odd issues or scope mounts and the like. Even used it for the rail which has held well without going to anything heavier.
  25. I have the Mesa Tactical Stock and love it. My wife who is only 5'1 and about 115lbs (I'm 6'2 and 240) shoots skeet and even sent some TruBall slugs down range a few weeks ago and she's no one to mess with when she's got her hands on my M4. The Mesa Stock with cheek riser and limbsaver butt pad are as close to perfect for our needs as it gets. It DID loosen up after the first trip to the range however some locktite and a little more "umph" when tightening did the trick and no more issues - ever.
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