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  1. Hey Zeke, Good to see you back on. How's that forend? I've got that money order burning a hole in an envelope...
  2. Which product is that KB Fab? The Pro-mag kit with the forend or did you just buy a clearly US Made stock? I think it is appearing that the Pro-Mag unit may be of a somewhat dubious origin which MIGHT kinda stink.
  3. I know Zeke had mentioned that the forend seemed a bit tight around the gas tubes/pistons and am still waiting to hear from him about our deal but how does yours seem on the gun Wiggin? I think Zeke wanted to see what he could figure out about the fit but since he didn't like it anyway and prefered his surefire, I think he just wanted to play with it a bit for a better product review before letting me take it off his hands. Let us know how it works out as that is the primary part I have concerns about and can't wait for Zeke to finally get back to us all. Thanks
  4. Yep. You need at least 3 parts from certain groups and the follower is one of the items within one of the groups. Nice and cheap too.
  5. I was almost afraid to read TOO much of that dribble for fear it might have been some kind of brainwashing technique... Fortunately, I averted my eyes in time to suffer no ill effects...
  6. Happy Thanksgiving all. From Sharkey and clan.
  7. I'm with you on the eyes thing. I'm 49 and can't tell you how frustrating it is when shooting my .308 with battle sights. Gonna have to break down and get a scope someday maybe. Anyway, at 75 yards, I don't believe I was suffering from any drop at all really. I'm no scientist at this stuff and just aim for the kill zone and pull the trigger so no measurements were taken for ballistic values or whatever. I DO believe that after 75, they will probably start dropping pretty quickly as, according to what I've read and charts I've seen about them, that is where it's supposed to start h
  8. I've been liking the Federal Tru-ball slugs quite a bit lately. Bench rest shooting at 75 yards put 9 in the face of a human sillhouette target just using the iron sights. I also don't take a lot of time between shots. I've never bothered timing myself as I'm less than concerned with bragging rights at this point in my life but when I go shooting, I shoot like I mean it, not like something is standing there waiting for me to kill it so it's one right after the other with no cigarettes or spotting scope gazing in between. No noticable tumbling with these slugs either which I've had with
  9. Sharkey

    Benelli M4?

    Zombie deer may be coming in to season very soon also so an M4 would be my choice all day for those as they tend to be a bit more aggressive. Maybe throw in some Federal Tru-ball slugs for the smooth bore barrel and you'll be chompin down zombie venison before ya know it. Make sure you cook it all the way through though. Feeding under-cooked zombie venison to a really big woman could produce a real pesky case of the mad cow...
  10. yea thanks. Now I gotta find my damn glasses again...
  11. Good pics and thank you. I've never even taken the butt end off of mine yet. Is it a pain in the butt? - no pun intended but I was just messing with it (half heartedly) and does it unscrew or what bud? Gonna have to do it pretty soon either way. I see the extended threads on yours so I'm guessing it must be threaded on? Yea, I know. Go find my damn manual right? lol
  12. I'd like to find out for sure if the pistons are actually binding. Could save a lot of guys money and/or heartache if it is messing up the action. I like this item but not going to throw 2 bills for it unless it works. I MAY be interested in buying that forend from you if someone can verify that darn thing works though Zeke...
  13. Exactly what notches are you guys talking about for this to fit? Photos if you would please. tks Sharkey
  14. Good deal H&K. Congrats to the winner and thanks for the opportunity.
  15. My wife would look great in that hat bud. Thanks for the opportunity. Happy shooting.
  16. Some ammo I would like to see tested is low recoil ammo that will cycle through the M4. Since my wife also likes to shoot, I would be very interested in seeing some low recoil buck AND slugs that CAN cycle through it without any issues.
  17. disregard. I spent so much time searching, I should have just looked 4 posts down.. Yea, I know, der...
  18. Been searching for an hour and I remember someone posting a link to a sling ring with a short rail on it. If anyone knows the product or can link me to this product, please do so. Just looking and thinking and can't for the life of me remember the name of the item or the manufacturer. Thanks in advance. Sharkey
  19. If we all ever end up in the same vehicle going somewhere, let me drive. I'll make sure we get there without getting lost.
  20. Guys, I'm not looking for a red dot scope and am just playing with the ideas and possibilities. I'm looking for: A. a reduced profile top rail to replace the stock M4 rail B. a sight MOUNT that will allow for use of the battle sights AND a scope. Leads on either of these will be greatly appreciated.
  21. Hey Guys, I've been looking around and can't seem to find a couple of items I would like for my M4. I have a 45 degree offset mounted to my stock rail which is ideal for me however makes it ALMOST impossible to use the battle sights but difficult enough to make it impractical. Has anyone seen or can any manufacturers produce a lower profile rail to replace the stock rail? All I need to gain is a solid 8th of an inch or so and I'd be good with this set-up. Also, another thing I would like to see is a mount that can go onto that rail with holes so the battle sights can be us
  22. Definitely are bud. The sales guy "Gary" took care of the mix-up without a question, coaxing, argument or even a stutter. Mailed him back the wrong one, he sent me back the right one and never even asked for additional shipping or anything like most other companies would. Felt like I was doing business with someone I'd known for years. And the parts I bought are all excellent. Briley is gold from now on in my book. Thanks Creeper.
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