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  1. Glad I saw the post from Chirriones. I thought I may be the only one. My new Super Vinci jammed out of the box and on an Eastern Turkey Hunt last year. Luckily I killed the gobbler with first shot. This is my second Benelli and both have jammed. The Super Black Eafgle seems to have gooten better after time. I was foolish enough to buy another after my buddy and I both agreed it felt the best. I sent Super Vinci back to Benelli and they said they made some adjustments. The gun jammed with 2 3/4, 3 and 3 1/2 shells after I got it back. Jammed today dove hunting with my kids. I am going to take it apart and clean it again and oil it again. Maybe I have not shot enough rounds but I agree with others why pay the money if you have to spend years breaking it in. I can always depend on my single shots. H&Rs never fail.
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