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  1. Sad news. Met him once, was a great guy and great entertainer.
  2. It is very nice, but I would like to have a hybrid one. I have seen a few posts talking about how the titanium tang can deform.
  3. Same thing here in Minnesota. The Democrats have their minds made up. They just have to legally go through all of the "steps", and that means they have to sit there and listen to the public, although I'm sure it is going in one ear and out the next.
  4. How did you get an order placed? I have been checking since October 12' and they were not available on the site to order, or did they become available for a brief second and I missed it?
  5. I don't know much about Skeet/Trap shooting, but from looking at the photo they released: You can see the road running parallel to his back. You can also see that there appears to be an asphalt "driveway" making a t with the road behind him. Knowing that, I would guess he is at position 7 on the range at Camp David:
  6. I've been waiting since October 12' for one, and they are STILL not available. I have a FFT Titanium, but would love to get my hands on a CarrierComp handle. They used to at least show them on their site but show them as unavailable. Now they just plain took them off. I was told by them they would be available in December 12', that didn't happen. Then I was told they would be available in Jan 13'. Well, here we are in Feb and they still are not available.
  7. So I guess that means they won't be getting to those charging handles in January like they said they would
  8. I know this is a real shot in the dark, but just thought I would try. Looking for a newer generation muted m4 charging handle, titanium with the A2 steel tang. Thanks in advance.
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